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with apologies to herman munster…bad signs for the mavs wooing of dwill..seems like he is leaning toward staying with the nets and the big russian..if the dallas cagers can’t get his john hancock on a years team will be disaster..time to start over? dirk?..not saying to trade him..just worth still miffed on josh ham slinging lumber into stands..ive never seen anything like it in all my hardball watching days..somebody’s gonna get hurt..and remember..josh already has one death on his ledger…im beyond pumped about the new college football ain’t perfect..but it’s a start..and even more terrific news..jerrys shiny ballyard will be a huge player..big-time coll foot in’s gonna be magical…some scumbag tried to extort currency from ex-baylor stud qb RGIII..the heisman winner said beware of the vultures..i say nfc east foes need to be aware of RGIII..the best thing about when people mind their own…seems like the arlington 9 are seeing injuries come in waves..hurt players is the only thing that can derail them from the forever chasing world series trophy…nfl network unveiled top league players..cowboy wrecking ball demarcus ware claims the 6th slot..only defensive player ranked d-revis..give me a sack-man pass rusher over lock-down umps are having a tough just out-and-out suck..too many blown calls…b-favre says romo reminds him of himself..not sure how tony stacks up in the tweet your dinguss to a chick department…TRIVIA TIME…who is the last switch hitter to win the al mvp hardware (be careful)..answer in a jiffy…it’s not uncommon for the world wide leader in sports to over-hype something..but the slobberfest they unleashed on lebron is nauseating..they might have to have their heads surgically removed from his ass…i have a great feeling about smooth-as-a-puppies-back left tackle tyron smith this year..he’s gonna bust all my 52 years on this planet..i have never met a better human being than bennett glazer..the top man at glazer’s wine and spirits..all folks should take a lesson from him on how to conduct yourself..class and dignity is his way…stunning news on the nascar circuit..daytona 500 winner matt kenseth is bolting roush money says he’ll end up with former cowboy killer joe gibbs..he is the points leader for gosh sakes!..and ‘jack the fedora’ is letting him escape?..not even texas motor speedway godfather eddie gossage has answer..but admiral eddie will certainly welcome him nov 4 at the triple-a texas 500 and see if he can wrap up the sprint car gold medal…old book to dig up and read..pete gent’s “north dallas 40”’ll thank me…locked and loaded lyrics to chew on..”we’re caught in a trap..i cant walk out..’cause i love you too much baby..why cant you see..what you’re doing to me”…i have never mastered the art of backing a trailer..yet I have owned numerous boats and motorcycle haulers..the best backing-up-dude dear friend ‘nascar’ dennis deweerd..he makes it a ballet in motion..btw..if you’re ever in midlothian town..check out his bbq joint ‘ellis county’ ribs in solar system..tell him I sent ya..and then he’ll charge ya double…TRIVIA ANSWER..vida blue was last switch hitter to win al mvp..kind of trick question since he was pitcher..but he could blast from both sides of plate… note..Im on r&r next no written prose until 6 july…in the meantime..drop me email at with questions you want missive out of bounds..ask away and ill respond…have a happy independence day and don’t set anything ablaze with firecrackers..time for a little me…

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