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yet another blog entry to fuel my prodigious ego…hope springs eternal for all 4 of the area’s big time team sports..or does it??…the stars make a slick trade..and coupled with the magnificent move of bringing back ace ice hockey guru Jim Lites has the stick and puck needle pointing due north…the rangers are on a hell-bent blitzkrieg assault to record that tricky 27th out in the deciding contest on the world series stage…and the cowboys??..well..they’re the cowboys…it’s super bowl or bust to their unrealistic..demanding..delusional fandom..but what about marky mark cuban’s basketball playing mavs…seems they’re perched atop a glass mountain..and the formula is elementary… convince d-will to come home and man the point..where no doubt other quality cagers will gravitate..or a velvet hammer will bring the fragile hilltop crashing down…the stakes in this pivotal game of chicken are franchise decision by a 28 year old native of the colony will determine the foreseeable future…the answers to many basketball questions will soon come down..what’s most important??…being close to family and having mama courtside every night??…having 41 games in your favorite hoops venue??..or pocketing an extra $25 million and playing on a bigger stage in the borough of brooklyn??..remember..when his schoolboy days ended..he turned down all lone star state offers and bolted to illinois..and given the chance to haul ass back home during 10 different off-seasons..he chose to stay elsewhere..twist those details any manner you please..his choice will not resemble lebron’s dog and pony circus sideshow..but it will be will scream of his perception of two he the missing piece of a team that can reclaim a title??…or does he think he can be foundation of a new order in the big apple??…his selection will be a vivid illustration of two organizations at crossroads..the mavs larry o’brien is still wet behind the ears..but does he view his path to an nba crown closer with a russian billionaire in the shadows of new york’s teachers pet the knicks??…it was a long tough climb for the mavs to reach roundball royalty..the trip to the bottom is quick and sudden..and one dude who wears #8 possesses all the launch codes…..

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