jacks fireworks 2 $25K In Merchandise Stolen From Fireworks Stand

Thieves stole $25,000 worth of merchandise from Jack’s Fireworks, in Aledo, just two days before the 4th of July holiday. (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

ALEDO (CBS 11 News) – For four generations Terri Presley’s family has lived and breathed fireworks.

She can give detailed information to any customer about any kind.

“The Noisy Boys turn out really good,” she told one woman.

The Presley family fireworks stand is called Jack’s Fireworks and it sits along Interstate-20 in Aledo.

The area staple has been in the same spot for more than 65 years and Terri said not even a sparkler had ever been stolen — until now.

“Oh my God. I mean, it’s going into our last three busy days and a ton of our merchandise is gone,” Terri told CBS 11 News.

When Terri opened shop Monday morning she found her U-Haul and cargo trailers empty. Someone had broken the locks and made off with $25,000 worth of fireworks.

The family says they’re heartbroken but also very concerned.

“It can be dangerous if people don’t know what they are doing. That does really scare me,” Terri said.

Longtime customers showing up to pick up their pre-ordered fireworks were forced to find something else.

“She knew last year what I wanted this year,” explained Weatherford resident Mark Browning. “I think this is sad; these people make their living two times a year and they [thieves] come in here and steal their money.”

Parker County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating and say as far as the Presley family business is the only fireworks stand in the county targeted by thieves.

“They need to get some Christian values and come forward,” Terri urged. “I wouldn’t even press charges I would be happy to say ‘you are not in trouble just give me our merchandise back’.”

Terri says her family is in the process of installing security cameras at the business.

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