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while i was baiting my ego trot line and casting into the arrogant fishing hole..markymark cuban was chumming the waters of the shark tank…i would say this is a tale of the “big one that got away”..but that would be an exaggerated fish fable…bragging to seaport anglers implies that the seafood was at some point on the line…dwill was never hooked…he was never coming home to dallas…his plan all along was to patrol the waters of the high-tone hamptons…$25 extra million dollars won out over swimming over to mom’s house for lunch and a nap…the end result on this whole escapade is the fact the mavs over-thought the process…they had a solid course of little nellie put it…they “kept their powder dry”..indicating a plan to land moby dick…and maybe orca…and then those leviathans might lure a few flippers…

.great intention…but a lot like communism…it’s a great just didn’t work…in the nba world of complicated cba measures..salary caps..mid-level exceptions..larry bird rights and a whole stringer full of do’s and don’ts…the mavs are now reduced to catching crawdads…not denizens of deep water whaling…what to do now??…deron of the colony is not the only salmon to escape upstream..jet terry is taking his cane pole to bean town…now constructing a serviceable roster is a challenge…the magical title journey of ’11 will be a distant vision found only in the aac big screen…there are no short-cuts..there are no quick fixes…you are what you are..and right now the dallas pro cagers are trolling for survival…winning a second larry o’brien is not even in hubble-telescope view…why top grade nba free agents steer clear of big d is mind boggling…this city seems to have it all when it comes to catering to the young upward-mobil roundballers…but there is still a stigma perception that the black man is not welcome in the ass-backwards mentality of a  lily-white confederate flag waving population in george mifflin dallas’ namesake city..but the bottom line is this…there will be an nba season next year…and the mavs will play 82 games (and that might be grand total..playoffs seem like a pipe-dream)…it might be time for the the big german…seems like an idiotic plan..but back in ’ herschell walker was the plot of a looney mad scientist…but it turned out to be the map to three super bowls…it’s time to think outside the box…and certainly away from the tank inhabited by great whites..hammerheads..sands and makos…markymark better order a bigger boat.

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