DALLAS (CBS SPORTS) – Back in May, Jerry Jones was asked how urgent the need is for the Dallas Cowboys to win a Super Bowl. Jones pointed to aging stars Tony Romo, Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware as proof that the Cowboys need to win now. Asked about those comments, Ware said that he agrees with Jones completely.

“I feel like, from my standpoint, we’re a better team than we were last year, and it’s going to show on the field,” Ware said, per the Dallas Morning News. “Jerry saying that the window’s closing, I’m with Jerry. The window can be closing. It closes every year. It just depends on if you’re going to walk through that door or not. I’m with Jerry on that.”

The idea of “a window closing” is a bit of a misnomer in sports. The Cowboys’ window never has to close, if they make smart signings, draft the right players and continue to build while having successful seasons. But Jones is correct in pointing out that the window for a certain core group of players (like Romo, Witten and Ware) is beginning to close. All three will be over the age of 30 (Romo’s 32) by the time the season starts, and that means they’re getting up there in terms of football age.

But the idea of the pressure increasing in Dallas because some of the stars are getting older is kind of silly, right? Two years ago, Dallas had to get to the Super Bowl because they were hosting it. Last year, they had to get to the Super Bowl because Romo needed to re-prove himself after an injury ended his 2010 season. The reality of Dallas Cowboys football is that there’s always going to be some kind of additional pressure placed on the team to win that you won’t find in most other markets.

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