DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Darkness brought a halt to the search for a man who may have been blown off his flat board by the sudden winds at White Rock Lake on Saturday. “The winds just came out of nowhere. I think it caught them off-guard too,” said Brandon Holmes.

Police said that three people from one family were thrown off flat boards when the wind hit. The mother swam to shore and her 21-year-old son managed to cling to his board. But the 57-year-old father did not.

Bianca and Brandon Holmes tried to help. “He went under and my brother and I jumped in to try to save him, but by the time we got to him he was underwater and we couldn’t save him,” Bianca said.

For a while, it was hoped that, in the chaos, the man had somehow managed to get to shore as well. But hope faded. “At this point, several hours have gone by and there’s been no contact with him and there were independent witnesses that saw him go underwater but didn’t see him come up and not see him swim away from the area,” said Shelley Johnston with the Dallas Police Department.

When the winds calmed, Dallas Police Air-1 joined the ongoing efforts of Dallas Fire-Rescue and dive teams, which searched in vain until sunset.  While White Rock Lake is normally a placid lake, there was one other variable. Witnesses said that the victim was not wearing a life jacket.

A lack of life jackets played a major role in an incident at Lake Lewisville, according to game wardens. A man and woman were in a small Zodiac when the wind overturned their boat. The woman clung to the boat and was able to float to shore; the man has not been seen since.

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