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rw whitts end Whitts End: 7.13.12

Whether you’ve reached the end of your rope or merely the end of your week, welcome to Whitt’s End.

*Joe Paterno knew! That’s the rallying cry of critics who say he should be treated as not a legendary coach but merely a criminal. I’m not defending him. As he said, he should’ve done more. But try this on for size: Your best friend and co-worker of 30 years is investigated for inappropriate action with a little boy. But four different agencies look into the matter and none determine anything criminal occurred. No charges filed. Move along. Yep, back in 1998 JoePa did nothing to stop the monster that would become Jerry Sandusky. But where’s the outrage and condemnation for the four agencies that also, well, did nothing? They also knew!

*Damn you Justin Verlander. First of all for being able to get naked with Kate Upton. But mostly for digging a 5-0 for the American League and costing the Rangers a shot at home-field advantage in the World Series. 21 of the last 26 winners have had the home-field edge and, for the record, Texas is 1-5 in NL parks in the World Series, outscored by a whopping 40-22.

*By the way, when C.J. Wilson took a color-coordinated glove to the mound as a Ranger, he was labeled a douche. Why not the same sentiment for Mike Napoli when he decides to wear a different color than the rest of his teammates? Black catching gear? For a guy hitting .230? I smell double-standard.

*Sorry, but if you have yourself tricked into Triskaidekaphobia – fear of Friday the 13th – then we’re probably not going to be friends. Life is hard enough without being irrationally scared out of your shorts. One of my pet peeves is being weak-minded, as in, falling for crap like superstition and phobias and knocking on wood and, yes, karma. Look, on Monday I announced on 105.3 The Fan that I was paying $7,000 to Make-A-Wish of North Texas to personally sponsor a local 11-year-old boy’s dream to go to Maui with his family. Good karma, right? Instead, on Wednesday someone stole my iPhone from Duke’s in Plano. Happiness is a choice. And choices are empowered by actions, not by crossing your fingers.

*After losing out on Deron Williams, Mavs’ Plan B was to try to be competitive but more so keep salary-cap flexibility for the summer of 2013, when free agents like Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, James Harden and Andrew Bynum might be available. The additions of Chris Kaman and Darren Collison and potentially Elton Brand or Luis Scola are encouraging. But, let’s face it, the Mavs will not challenge for any sort of championship in 2013.



*Played tennis with my former step-son last night in McKinney. Raised that punk since he was 2. He’s now 15. Turning out to be a damn fine kid. But he can’t beat me. Yet.

* Wing Stop > Buffalo Wild Wings > Hooters.

*Give me a cold nectarine on a hot summer day and I promise I won’t complain about anything else.

*Kobe Bryant is genius. I didn’t give a flip about the 2012 U.S. Men’s Basketball Team. But after his ridiculous claim that they could beat be the ’92 Dream Team, now I’m watching just to make sure he’s wrong. And he is. Only three players – LeBron James, Kobe and Kevin Durant – could make the ’92 team and they’d replace Chris Mullin, Clyde Drexler and, of course, Christian Laettner.

*Irritating: When I Tweet that someone stole my iPhone and get the response of “All you have to do is download the iCloud Find-My-Phone App.” Again, my phone was stolen. Pretty sure I can’t download anything onto it.

*In case you missed it and want to see how truly dorky RAGE is, our TV commercial is right here.

*In case you’re counting, and I know you are, it’s 17 days until the Cowboys pop pads at training camp in Oxnard, California.

*After some monotonous research, I think I’ve come up with the definitive list of the Mavs’ all-time Great White Nopes: Tom LaGarde … Ralph Drollinger … Scott Lloyd … Pat Cummings … Kurt Nimphius … Charlie Sitton … Bill Garnett … Detlef Schrempf … Uwe Blab … Bill Wennington … Jim Grandholm … John Shasky … Radisav Curcic … Walter Palmer … Greg Dreiling …David Wood … Darren Morningstar … Cherokee Parks … Loren Meyer …. Chris Anstey … Bruno Sundov … Martin Muursepp … Eric Montross … Raef LaFrentz … Christian Laettner … Evan Eschmeyer … Keith Van Horn … Shawn Bradley … Austin Croshere …Pavel Podkolzin … Nick Fazekas … and Chris Kaman. The last might be the best.

*Above I ranted about phobias and what not. Ghosts and spirits? Pretty much the same opinion. But just to be safe, I’m having ghost hunters – Dallas Area Paranormal Society – out to my house Saturday night. In the past I’ve had pots clanging, iron art vibrating and pictures fall off walls – each unprovoked. We’ll see.

*I sync my iPhone to my laptop semi-regularly so I’ll be able to keep most of my pics, contacts, etc. But one of the most frustrating things is spending time, energy and, yes, money just to get back to where you were before some asshole thief detoured your life.

*This weekend? We’re in Granbury today for our 105.3 The Fan Hometown Takeover. Tomorrow it’s a combo pool/lake party with dorks I’ve been hanging out with since the 3rd grade. Saturday night we welcome the ghost hunters. On Sunday down to Uptown to celebrate the birthday of Fiona Gorostiza. Don’t be a stranger.

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