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with apologies to hawkeye pierce…josh ham has seen his supersonic batting average spiral down over 100 points in a month..chasing too many bad pitches..and striking out at alarming hope the thought of a new contract is not the reason..time for him to display some serious mental toughness…it finally happened..cowboys pseudo #88 experienced the handcuffs..dez arrested on domestic violence charges..let’s not convict yet..but less than two weeks till camp opens..this is not good news..arrested is bad enough..but tack on the phrase “domestic violence”..and it really sucks..jerry can’t be happy..but what’s he to do?…look around..check your matter where you are..count the number of folks texting or tweeting..we are bound for a talkless society..come to think of it..that might not be bad…watching all these pawn shop teevee shows..i’m convinced of one mom threw away a million dollars worth of stuff..i could’ve been i’m just relegated to write a stupid blog…i knew things didn’t look good in (un)happy valley..but the massive cover-up by joepa and penn state is far-reaching..not sure what powers the ncaa have in this manner..but if ohio state gets a one year bowl ban for cash/tattoos for game-worn-gear..and usc forfeited 4 years of post-season cuz reggie kardashian took big cash..then i’m thinking a penalty for harboring a beast that committed child rape warrants something…count me as one that loves the signing of “sweaty petty”..chris kaman will help’s a certified nut..loves dogs and guns..perfect texan..welcome to the lone star chrissy…TRIVIA TIME…where was the cowboys first ever training camp located in 1960?..answer in a jiffy…college football media days just a week to pro absolute fav is my pre-season premature ejacto-top 7…

 7-south carolina

6-west virginia






as always…a few teams to watch…va tech and I’m sad to report..texas..yes to all the horn haters..the orange are gonna be very very good this campaign…mark your nascar calendars..weekend of nov. 2…triple a texas usual..track-toastmaster eddie gossage has secured a tremendous musical act..eli young band will rock your hind-quarters off in an axe “support the troops” concert…no one does more for military than texas motor speedway..lord eddie takes care of the combat guys…i know he doesn’t..but mike napoli looks like he stinks..has that b.o. look about him…olympic games in london are worried they are under-stocked with condoms for the athlete’s village..only have about 70 thousand to distribute..that’s a lot of olympiad screwing…locked and loaded lyrics to chew on..” there anybody in there?..just nod if you can hear there anyone home?..come on now..i hear you’re feeling down..i can ease your pain”..the new batman movie opens on friday..doubt i see it..the caped crusader just not the same without robin…it boggles my mind how mlb pitchers can’t field their position..a simple 3-1 play is always adventurous…just read where the prez’s favorite candy is thin mints..I guess to go along with his ultra thin skin..obama is not onboard with any criticism…there is nothing like a day on the lake..till some ass-clown zooms by your dock dangerously close..I swear..i’m gonna set up a machine gun nest on my boathouse…I wish I was making this up..but US Navy’s new gender-nuetral vessels have no urinals..I can’t wait till the SEAL’s hear about this…TRIVIA ANSWER..the cowboys first ever training camp..under big protest from new head coach tom landry..was held at pacific university in forrest grove, oregon..(btw..rookies that year reported on july 9)…sad passing in the world of rock and roll..jon lord..the ace keyboardist of deep purple called it a life on monday…I saw those guys play in 1979..and I swear my ears still was that loud…the email is still the drop me a line and let’s argue…until next time..let’s all convene on the dark side of the moon…

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