By Jeff Cavanaugh, 105.3 The Fan

Sittin on the couch, just had some of the new Pizza Hut garlic bread pepperoni pizza and I say to you:  Not bad.

We talked on the Fan Jam today about all-time great movie villains in honor of Bane from the Dark Knight Rises, and sadly the guy couldn’t crack my top 3.  Honorable mentions here to Simon Phoenix in Demolion Man, The Beast in Sandlot, and Bane.

3 – Hans Gruber.  The guy took over Nakatomi Tower and introduced the world to John McLane.  That makes him important to me, because John McLane is my hero.

2 – Hannibal Lecter.  Not sure if I should admit this, but if I knew him, he could probably talk me into being a part of whatever deviant plan was in his head at the time.  Got some charisma about him.

1 – The Joker.  Not Jack Nicholson, but Heath Ledger.  Creepiest character ever (other than “It”, the movie that made me scared of spiders, clowns, the dark and life in general) and played to absolute perfection.

The wild card here was I didn’t get to include people from TV shows.  Otherwise numero uno would have been a guy named Jeff from Saved by the Bell, the one that stole Kelly away from Zack.  Broke my heart.  And he cheated on her after that.  Don’t get me started.


Starting to get frustrated with Ian Kinsler and Josh Hamilton.  I know it’s nitpicking, I know the Rangers are in first, but Josh is just being lazy.  He’s fully capable of being patient at the plate and being the best hitter in baseball, he’s just not doing it. Just saw an interview with Mark Trumbo before the game tonight and he said the reason he’s so much better this year than last is patience at the plate, take notes Joshua.

Kinsler is batting leadoff as if he’s in the 5 hole.  That’s all I got.  Nathan Wood calls him PopUp McGee, I think I’m on board with that nickname.

Gonna try and get a movement started on the Cowboys here.  Plaxico Burress to the Dallas Cowboys.  Does this just make too much sense and that’s the reason it’s not happening?  If he can catch 8 TD’s from Mark Sanchez, I think he’s clearly got something left in the tank.  Miles Austin plays the slot the majority of the time when the Boys go 3 wide, so he’s a perfect guy for the outside, AND in case of a Dez Bryant suspension, you feel a whole lot better with Plax and Miles than with Miles and (insert random name of wide receiver who can’t make 90% of NFL teams but is in the battle for the Cowboys #3 job).