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That statement would have been laughed at a couple of months ago. But now it is very much a reality.

The one time guaranteed AL MVP has now seen his average slide almost a whole tenth of a point. Hamilton was hitting .404 near the end of May and as of this writing, is hitting .293. Since June he has gone 42-195 (.216). Since the All Star Game he is hitting a whole .156.

What’s more is the at-bats he has put together. In the series against the Angles, he went 2-14 with no RBIs and 5 strikeouts. In the first game the Angles and Rangers were tied 1-1 in the fourth when Josh came up with the bases loaded and one out. Everyone knew what was coming, a strikeout or double play. We got the double play.

In the rubber match, Josh came up with a chance to tie the game or at least keep it going, with two on and two out Rangers down 7-4. And of course, Hamilton struck out, well behind on a fastball.

He is swinging at everything low and out of the strike zone and seems to ignore fastballs. When he does get one, its like he has never seen it before and is terribly late, leaving us with another strike out.

Everyone else has stepped up and seem to be breaking out of any slump they may have had. Napoli, Cruz and Young are hitting the ball harder and have started to see their averages and RBIs rise. Hamilton has not.

This is all surprising considering the start he got off to, AND the fact that this is his chance for a HUGE payday at the end of the season. If this continues, he is at risk of losing millions in possible earnings.

The greats in the game go through slumps, but the best find a way to make those slumps short. Hamilton’s has been going on for over a month now and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Hamilton NEEDs to get his swing back and break out of this bad patch or the Rangers can kiss and chance for another World Series goodbye.

Come on Josh the Rangers need you!!

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