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with apologies to mike stivic…let me get this out of the way right out of chute…no amount of security or gun control could have stopped that nutcase from shooting up the theater in colorado..some people are just evil and determined..unfortunately..he was well above average in intelligence..and very schooled in the way of weapons..and the legal method to obtain them..he had a deadly plan that he executed with military you want to talk about a ban on max amount clips and magazines..I’m with reason any civilian should own a 30 shot clip…much less a 100 shot drum..guns are here to’s our constitutional right..but the type of guns and especially the practice of stockpiling ammo..that needs to be adjusted…cowboys camp in socal opens monday.. storylines to follow..until he makes a statement or addresses it in some manner..the first question will be about dez and his domestic abuse charge..not sure why the stonewall..i still contend that dez is receiving horrendous advice from his handlers..this story to be continued..probably as long as the fake 88 is here…are we beginning to freak about josh ham?..he looks clueless at the plate..his strikeout totals are zooming..and he’s flailing at bad pitches..great players hit their way out of slumps..i still say josh will come’s just that everyone is becoming impatient..starting with him…what kind of cable teevee situation do you think obama has in the white ya think he saves tax dollars and goes with basic..or does he gouge the america tax-payers with premium…TRIVIA TIME…the rangers have had four players hit a pinch hit grand slam..who hit those salomies??..answer in your butt…the ncaa boys from indy brought the big wood to penn state..just short of the death penalty..$60 mil bowls for four years..loss of 40 scholarships..and a staggering 112 wins vacated..i say all warranted..a message had to be sent..and boy did they..all nittany lion players are now free agents..they can sign with any other school..and miss no football time..happy valley just turned to heartbreak hill..but they should have thought of that while the powers KNOWINGLY allowed child rape to happen in their athletic buildings…i caught a special on vh1 the other day on pink floyd..and the making of “dark side of the moon”..utterly fantastic..a must for all floyd’s amazing what they did all the while hating each others it…do you ever wonder if Jesus was a good athlete?..the walking on water bit alone was pretty athletic…olympics begin friday..and ill have my happy ass in front of big screen..but..right extremely disappointed in the ioc’s decision not to honor the massacred israeli athletes from the 1972 games..40th anniversary of that untoward event..c’mon the right thing…locked and loaded lyrics to chew on…”when the sun goes down on my side of town..that lonesome feeling comes to my door..the whole word turns blue..there’s a rundown bar cross the railroad tracks..I’ve got a table for two way in the back”…looming mlb trade deadline this tuesday..look for the arlington nine to be active..with the rash of pitching injuries..think big..cuz the rangers are..a major arm is headed this way…great move by my beloved tcu frogs..brining in randy shannon as lb coach..he’s got a great football mind..and brother..he knows defense..the odds were stacked against him in miami..but he’ll get a crash course in gary patterson’s  tough 5-2-4..those lb’s will become wrecking balls…the great eddie gossage of texas motor speedway told me a terrific fishing story the other day..but i’m sworn to’ll have to read it in master-chief eddie’s book..but it’s a doozy..don’t be shut out..get your tickets now for the triple a texas 500..much will be decided that day at TMS concerning the sprint cup’s always fun to see king eddie introduce the band..over/under on how many times he says word “great”..9…give me the over…trivia answer..mike stanley in ’87..pete o’brien in ’88..rusty greer in ’95 (dubbed the “hallelujah game”) and hank blalock in ’04..all swatted pinch hit grand round-trippers…are ink pens becoming extinct..wanna have a blast..head to my good buddies bar “Strokers” on harry hines in dallas..the ultimate biker bar with outstanding food..rick fairless can put on a party time hoe-down..plenty of parking for bikes..and heads-up security so no one effs with your cycle..look for rick..he’s the old guy in the tye-dyed shirt..known gambler pete rose is launching a reality tv show..its about him and his 40 years his junior wife..not interested here..he’s just too much a fraud and tremendous a-hole…that’s it for today…fight the power…don’t let the man keep ya down…


I will be in california for two weeks covering cowboys plan is to write a diary type blog every day…I’ll cover the good..and not so well as The Fan’s swim thru camp…if you the FanFan have any questions regarding camp..any item you’re interested in..any topic you want discussed…just drop me a line….  ….we are gonna have a lotta fun…and I want you guys to experience it with us.

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