DALLAS (CBS.DFW.COM) – We’re hearing, for the first time, the tense moments behind the scenes when police arrived at Dixon Circle in South Dallas.

The shooting Tuesday left James Harper dead. And you can clearly hear the concerns of police on their radios when a gathering crowd outnumbered them.

Dallas Police radio transmissions from Fire Scene Audio show just how fast it escalated after a bogus 911 call to a known drug house ended with police shooting James Harper dead.

Harper allegedly fought off Officer Brian Rowden, who was chasing him, three times. Each time, jumping over another fence to get away, until he landed in a horse pen on the 3800 block of Mural Lane.

That is where he died.

Radio Transmission: “There’s going to be a horse corral. It’s going to be by a blue house.”

Radio Transmission: “Get an ambulance to stop right now. Tell him to stop. Need an ambulance.”

Within minutes, police called for assistance.

Radio Transmission: “If we haven’t ordered DFD. We need it. Get everybody coming.”

As word of the shooting death spread, the crowd grew larger.

A few minutes later…

Radio Transmission: “I need some officers for crowd control.”

Radio Transmission: “Bourquin and Dixon are shut down. No more people and their cars in.”

Harper’s friends, neighbors and relatives were telling everyone he had been shot in the back.

The crowd continued to grow angry. Officers quickly acted to protect themselves.

Radio Transmission: “Anyone from the station can grab some pepper ball. Guns to take out there?”

Radio Transmission: “This crowds getting bigger. They’re hostile.”

Radio Transmission: “We’re outnumbered quite a bit.”

More officers were dispatched to the area, even those off duty.

Radio Transmission: “Where are you at?”

“I-45 and 20. I’m coming from home.”

It could have turned into a riot at any time.

Radio Transmission: “They want riot shields.”

Radio Transmission: “We’ve got some riot gear going up there. But, I want to make sure everybody’s got enough.

It took hours, but Dallas police were able to hold their ground and peacefully disperse the crowd.

Radio Transmission: “We’re half way down barber holding the line.”

Whether Harper was shot in the back or stomach won’t be known for 6 to 8 weeks when the Medical Examiner’s office releases its report.

Meantime, Harper’s family as hired an attorney to represent them.