Rangers, Angels, Dodgers Want Shields

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LOS ANGELES (CBS SPORTS) – The Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Dodgers have joined the Los Angeles Angels in the hunt for James Shields, sources told CBS Sports. All three teams have made offers, but the Tampa Bay Rays are waiting for someone to do even better for the former All-Star right-hander.

Shields is 8-6 for the season with a 4.39 ERA.

The Angels and Rays have discussed a deal including young center fielder Peter Bourjos, who is available thanks to the emergence of superstar Mike Trout, and isn’t off to a great start. But the Rays have made it clear that Bourjos alone isn’t enough.

The Dodgers have long been seen as a favorite for Ryan Dempster from the Chicago Cubs. They are in seemingly good position there since Dempster rejected a deal with the Atlanta Braves, his supposed second choice. Their biggest focus remains on Dempster, and maybe Matt Garza. But they are definitely in the mix for Shields as well.

The Rangers have plenty of fine young players to do any deal. The Rangers also have interest in Zack Greinke from the Milwaukee Brewers and Josh Johnson from the Miami Marlins. The price for those two may be even higher, however.

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