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with apologies to greg brady…cowboys camp is here..RAGE will be there for two weeks..we have tons of shenanigans planned..we might even actually talk football..btw..this will be my 23rd training ever camp recollection..1988 in thousand oaks..a certain media member decided he wanted to get a he took off his shirt during a practice..tom landry used his bullhorn to tell him “we don’t go shirtless around here” was like God calling him out…rangers will be major players at the trade deadline..its world series or bust..and they know they need some reinforcements..looking into my crystal ball..i see zack grienke joining the arlington favorite meal is turkey and dressing..i could eat it 5 times a week…im getting college football horny..and the more i read and amazed at the talent lsu has stockpiled..they’re loaded at every position..sleeper team?..west virginia..those hillbillys are gonna be tough…it’s still a crime that the great harvey martin isn’t in the hall of fame..speaking of hall of fames..if they ever erect a great “human being” hall of fame..the Fans mark elfenbein and chris arnold will make it on first ballot…im puzzled by josh hamilton’s prolonged it’s turned into a mental hurdle..he might need to start dipping again…TRIVIA TIME…what is the cowboys longest pass play of all time..a “dandy” answer down below…im sorry..but fishing is not a sport..any activity you can get drunk while playing is not a sport…the olympics are upon us..count me as a huge fan..i know michael phelps has 16 medals(14 gold) but speedster carl lewis is the greatest american olympian ever..10 total medals(9 gold)..track trumps swimming…does anyone remember the pet rock??..20 million were sold..I hope the country’s iq has improved since then…locked and loaded lyrics to chew on..”the preacher man says its the end of..and the mississippi river she’s a goin’ dry..the interest is up and the stock markets down..and you only get mugged if you go downtown”…nascar is going global..they’re throwing down gauntlet to formula one..wait till the world gets a glimpse of the passionate nascar faithfuls..they only think soccer fans are loyal..i can’t wait for texas motor speedway lion-tamer eddie gossage to deal with the stuck up french..he’ll make em surrender again..speaking of godfather gossage..cowboys halfback phillip tanner is carte blanche’ at eddie..he is a middle tennessee alum..and those blue raider folks take care of each other…farrah fawcett is the hottest gal of all time…TRIVIA ANSWER..don meredith to bob hayes for a 95 yard td is the longest in cowboys might say they fired a “dandy” “bullet”..did I just say that??…my guilty pleasure olympic event..women’s beach volleyball..I know that’s creepy..but true…im already worn out on political ads for the upcoming elections..i wish they would tell me why they’re the best candidate..not how much their opponent sucks…gonna have some bonus blogs all next week from cowboys camp..let me hear from ya.. …i read all..and answer all…some parting words..don’t do drugs…….

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