joel pic 1 Fort Worth Family Struggles After Teen In Near Fatal Crash

Holly Fisher and her family members enjoy a moment outside of the hospital where the 19-year-old is undergoing rehabilitation. Holly was severely injured when her SUV collided with an 18-wheeler back in March. (credit: CBSDFW.COM)

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Holly Fisher has had problems with her memory since being in a horrible car crash. Though things may be fuzzy, she does remember where she was when it happened.

“I was at a horse show in Oklahoma,” Holly said softly, as she sat in her wheelchair at Baylor Rehabilitation Center in Dallas. “And then we left the horse show.”

Holly’s father, Mike Fisher, also has memories of that day.

“A highway patrolman called me and said that he had come up on the accident,” he recalled.

In March, Fisher’s SUV collided with an 18-wheeler on an Oklahoma highway. The impact had such force that the roof of her vehicle was peeled off.

The crash left Fisher with massive head injuries and broken bones throughout her body. Her condition was so severe; doctors suggested she be taken off of life support.

“But that was a decision that none of the family could live with,” Mike Fisher said. “And I’m glad we stuck by our guns because you can see, by the grace of God, she’s moving on.”

Simple movements are miracles now.

“Everything you take for granted, from taking a sip of water on down to sitting in a chair, she had to learn over again,” Fisher said of his daughter.

Holly’s family has been a constant source of support during the 19-year-old’s struggle.

There are pictures of Holly and her sister taped to her hospital room wall. Cards and notes of encouragement surround them.

Holly’s mother, in particular, has been at her bedside constantly. And members of the teen’s family say she has inspired them as much as they have inspired her.

“She works hard every day,” Mike Fisher said. “And it’s been a real challenge for her, but she’s tough. She’s tough. That’s for sure.”

As Holly battles to overcome her injuries, her family battles to keep up with soaring medical costs. Just the cost of the initial hospital stay in Oklahoma was staggering.

“The last bill we saw from them was tallying in at $240,000, something along there,” Mike Fisher said.

Friends and strangers are hoping a series of fundraisers will help raise the cash — and help Holly realize her goal.

“Probably ride horses again,” Holly said.

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