1420394041 Magic & Mavs Talked About Howard Trade

DALLAS (CBS SPORTS) – It’s Dwight Howard. There will always be teams interested in talking.

When the Brooklyn Nets deal fell through, and the Los Angeles Lakers talks went nowhere, and the Houston Rockets deal seemingly fizzled, there was a lot of conversation about where exactly the Orlando Magic were going to go. If the offers they have already gotten weren’t good enough, what were they going to get for Howard? Who would even talk about a possible deal?

Well, there are always teams.

Those offers likely won’t be good enough to get a deal done, or they would have come sooner. But they’ll be there. Like the Mavericks.

The Mavericks will stay in the hunt, hanging around, especially since Howard leaked that he’d consider signing with Dallas in free agency. Dallas has not been pressuring the Magic to make a deal like the Nets. They haven’t been holding out to make sure they absolutely win the deal in a big way, like the Lakers. They’re just kind of there, available to dump some money and get a fresh start. That has to make them an attractive option. But the assets just aren’t there.

If Howard winds up in Dallas blue, instead of Orlando blue, it’ll be through free agency, unless something unexpected occurs.

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