DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – You may remember Brandi Todd, who was instantly paralyzed after a stranger stabbed her in a Stephenville park in March of 2010.

Kendall Hall was paralyzed in a car accident on a Dallas freeway on Halloween night of 2009.

Their paths crossed an innovative rehab facility in Carlsbad, California. And now, one of them has brought that innovation home.

Kendall Hall has had to overcome many challenges since she was paralyzed in that car accident.

“I think just from the speed and being in the back seat, I just kind of took the brunt of it and snapped my neck,” she said in Carlsbad.

Kendall spent a year and a half, working to regain her mobility, at Project Walk in Carlsbad, California.

“It’s really expensive to stay out there. So, I knew, I couldn’t do it. And, I knew I had to come home,” Kendall said.

She also knew there were others in North Texas who could benefit from Project Walk.

According to Kendall’s research, there are more than 8,000 with spinal cord injuries in the Metroplex.

Now, back in North Texas, Kendall said, “The doctors told my family the best case scenario would be that I would feed myself again someday. And obviously, I’ve far surpassed that.”

Kendall started her own facility, modeled after the one in Carlsbad. It’s called Project Walk Dallas. Kendall is the Executive Director.

“We knew there were a lot of people here in need of it,” she said.

One of those people is Brandi Todd from Stephenville. Until Project Walk Dallas opened,  Brandi hasn’t had the training she’s needed.

She’s been working full-time, taking care of her two children and riding horses. She started training at Project Walk Dallas at the beginning of July.

“I can’t go to a gym anywhere and work out the parts of my body that I need to work out. And here, they’re able to really focus on those parts,” Brandi said.

Their trainer, Kimberly Bloker, came from Project Walk in Carlsbad, California too.

“We got Kimmie! Yay! We love Kimmie!” Brandi said.

“I just felt like I could have a lot more influence and touch a lot more people’s lives out here,” Kimberly said.

“Everybody just fell into place and Kendall was able to pull off an amazing thing, I mean, you can almost say it’s like a God thing really,” Brandi said.

Kendall Hall is setting up Project Walk Dallas as a non-profit organization.

Any extra money made will go back into the facility. She began fundraising to open the facility and will continue fundraising to bring in more trainers and state of the art equipment they need.

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