By Jack Fink

AUSTIN (CBS 11 NEWS) — This is a huge political upset that is sending shock waves through the Republican establishment here in Texas and all the way to Washington.

Ted Cruz’s supporters have been excited, jubilant, and ecstatic ever since the AP called the race and declared Cruz the winner over Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst before 8:30 pm.

Cruz and his supporters have been optimistic all day that they were going to win this nasty, expensive battle with Dewhurst.

Cruz’s campaign has been fueled by the Tea Party here in Texas and across the country.

Dewhurst outspent Cruz nearly three to one, had the backing of Governor Rick Perry and had much higher name recognition than Cruz.  In the end, that didn’t matter.

Cruz credits Tea Party members and the grassroots conservatives.  The campaign says they now have to win in November against Democrat Paul Sadler.

Cruz received a congratulatory call from U.S.  Senator John Cornyn.  Governor Rick Perry also released a statement after Cruz’s victory.

“I congratulate Ted Cruz on a hard-fought victory and a well-executed campaign. Ted is a force to be reckoned with: an excellent candidate and a great conservative communicator. I call on all conservative Texans to rally behind Ted Cruz in November so we can remake the U.S. Senate in the image of Texas for the good of all Americans,” Governor Perry said.

Cruz has come a long way. A year ago, few people knew who he was. Now, he’s making national headlines.

This is a huge defeat for Dewhurst and for Governor Perry.

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