FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – It’s the start of another heat streak with another day of triple digit temperatures.

“We enjoy it,” says Collin Lasater cooling down at Woodshed Smokehouse “It’s really not that bad.”

At Woodshed Smokehouse in Fort Worth they are known for their BBQ and for not having air conditioning.

“It adds to the atmosphere. People love to stop by as they are running or jogging,” says Veronique Gentry with Woodshed Smokehouse.

“We have big fans throughout the restaurant and misters.”

Another business having to make changes include food trucks around North Texas.

So-Cal Tacos, known for their sizzling goodies, is doing what it can to keep customers stopping by in this heat.

“We got several misters and fans and tents,” says Scott Wooley.

“Business has been impacted.  Lines are a little shorer and tickets are smaller when it’s hot people aren’t eating as much food as they normally do.”

By about 4 o’clock temperatures hadn’t gotten any cooler.  It was hitting 105 degrees at the Salvation Army in Fort Worth.

The Salvation Army has 15 cooling stations open which provide water and a place to cool down for those who have no place else to go.

*Click Here For A List Of Cooling Stations In North Texas*

“We allow people to come and stay more than their normal four nights,” explains Major Elizabeth Anderson with the Salvation Army.

“It’s hot out there and we don’t need people not having a cool place.”

The Salvation Army has extended hours for the cooling stations and they are now open till 9 p.m. every night.

After sunset the temperature had only dropped by a few degrees.

While that brought our more people to Trinity Park, it didn’t provide much relief.

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