By Jason Allen

EULESS (CBS 11 NEWS) – The mosquito is a common enemy, carrying an increasingly common and dangerous virus.

It’s hard to find two plans to combat West Nile Virus, however, that are the same.

We contacted cities from Addison to Wylie to find out what they are doing and asked if they spray when there is a positive test for West Nile.

Of the 80 cities we could reach, more than half (44) are spraying for mosquitos. Six are considering it, and 30 are not.

It is predominately cities in Tarrant County and rural areas that have chosen not to spray for the insects. It’s far more complicated though than just yes or no.

In an e-mail response, Watauga said it doesn’t spray to “…prevent contamination from waterways, lakes and streams. There are also citizens that have respiratory problems.”

In nearby Hurst though, it hasn’t been a problem.

“I have not had one phone call from a resident saying it’s caused them any problems.” said Jerry Joslin, an environmental specialist with the City of Hurst.

We found most of the cities that spray like to keep it focused, covering small areas and neighborhoods. But not all of them do the same. Euless, for example, sprays the entire city and covers it over a period of four days.

Some just let environmental departments make the call. Others require city council approval.

And public pressure is something for which cities are prepared.

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