tollway NTTA Top Violator List Trimmed, Only 24K Outstanding

(credit: North Texas Tollway Authority)

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM)Last month, the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) posted an online list of the states top violators and while hundreds of people paid up the majority of scofflaws are still wanted.

To date, 655 names have been removed from the list, with violators coughing up some $274,000 in tolls and fines.

“It’s what we had hoped for, to make people aware that now is the time to act because future, more complex, litigation could be ahead,” NTTA spokesman Michael Rey said.

Now the bad news – there are still nearly 25,000 people who haven’t contacted the NTTA concerning their outstanding accounts.

Not every violator is included in the list; only those people who have more than 100 unpaid toll transactions over 180 days make the ‘worst of’ list.

Rey says the NTTA isn’t demanding full and immediate payment of the accounts.

“We are offering payment plans and flexibilities if they will simply contact the NTTA and begin working toward addressing this.”

While the public posting of delinquent drivers may not encourage violators to be accountable, NTTA administrators plan on taking more binding action against those that don’t pay.

“You’ll see civil litigation suits moving forward in the fall,” Rey said. “We try to provide warning… that’s what the list is all about.”

To keep the list from growing the NTTA intends to take a new to next year’s meeting of the Texas Legislature.

The plan is called Block, Ban & Boot.

“Blocking registrations – we currently don’t have the power to do that when you go back to register your car if we feel that would be helpful,” Rey explained. “Banning people from our system – once they are put on notice that you have a number of violations and booting vehicles.”
The Tollway Authority claims it’s owed more than $17 million in unpaid transactions alone. If you add in NTTA administrative fees and late charges, that amount is nearly $300 million.

Click here to see the updated violator list now posted on the NTTA website.

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