By Jay Gormley, CBS 11

UNIVERSITY PARK (CBSDFW.COM)– University Park is no stranger to mosquito spraying this summer. But now the city is joining forces with the Highland Park Independent School District to target schools. “We wanted to ramp up before the student population and the faculty staff got back to the campuses,” explained Steve Mace, the information officer for University Park.

University Park will start spraying every school in the Highland Park District to combat the threat of West Nile. Gwendolyn Turcotte is a mother of two and is all for it. “We think it’s great, because it’s scary if these little ones get West Nile,” said Turcotte. “Might as well be protected.”

University Park will continue to send spray trucks into the neighborhoods. However, technicians on foot and armed with insecticide will dispense an additional spray along the perimeter of every school as well as the entrances and exits to the campuses.

Carolyn Isler is a parent and understands that the threat of West Nile is high, but she still has concerns. “Toxins, especially neurotoxins are what actually kill the mosquitoes,” said Isler. “Introducing those, especially to young children, is of great concern,” she added.

The decision to spray the schools is also designed to protect student-athletes who are practicing after school for fall sports.

The Dallas Independent School District and the city of Dallas have no plans to spray the schools in DISD. Meanwhile, the cities of Fort Worth and Arlington do not spray at all.

Of the eight deaths related to West Nile in Dallas County, three have occurred in University Park. All of the victims were senior citizens.

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