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Too much is going on. I have opinions on all of it. So here goes…


Ok she is hot! And she is a virgin. And she gets all the hype for the 100 meter hurdles and she finishes…4th??!! And then on top of that she decides to blame the media for the letdown?! She has gotten tons of endorsements and write-ups for being relevant even though in the last two Olympics she has been a bust. But now because a New York Times article that called her the Anna Kournikova of the sport, she says she couldn’t focus?

My god, professional athletes are criticized all the time. Part of their job consists of being able to block that out and still perform at incredible levels. Lolo…you are cute…you will continue to get endorsements even though you haven’t won much. Shut up and be thankful. Its no one’s fault but your own.


I love being able to report that NOTHING is happening at Cowboys camp other than glory holes and injuries. The injuries will happen, especially during the first few weeks of camps and guys get back in football shape. Luckily nothing seems long term and (knock on wood) most of our guys will be ready for the first game of the season.

Remember people, because everyone is starved for football news, anything is blown out of proportion at camp. Because we haven’t seen much of this, this year, I am liking the way things are turning out at this year.

But one thing that is bothering me: Jerry Jones. I guess this can be said every year, but I am beginning to get perturbed by the image the Cowboys are falling into. They are the Madonna of the NFL. At one time they were a hot sexy team. Now they are a has been, living off their glory days.

Jerry talking about glory holes and how the team is going to kick the Giants asses, doesn’t settle well with me. The team hasn’t done anything in years. So why is Jerry still talking like we are Super Bowl contenders? Shut up and wins some games before acting like a diva and you EXPRESS YOURSELF.


The Rangers are looking good again and so is Josh Hamilton. I guess God has forgiven him for dipping. If there is one thing that God hates and that’s a Skoal dipper! The Rangers definitely need to him getting back in the swing of things to have a legitimate chance for a third straight World Series.

Roy Oswalt and Ron Washington have apparently kissed and made up after Oswalt refused to come back into a game last week while pitching in relief. Oswalt said it was because he had pitched too many pitches, but he didn’t look good in doing it. Its no secret he views himself as a starting pitcher and feels being moved into the bullpen was a demotion. But based on his performance, that’s exactly were he needs to be. Oswalt is not himself and should feel himself fortunate to still be pitching on a team in contention. But if he doesn’t watch it, and pulls another stunt like that, he will quickly find himself unemployed.


This has been the WORST Olympics. Not because of the lack of stories or compelling television, but because I have not been able to watch a single second of ANY event without already knowing the outcome. In the world of Twitter and Facebook and instant updates, the Olympics have been spoiled. NBC has been getting BIG ratings by choosing to show all the events in Prime Time. But why not show at least some of them live, on the big channel. Not on some NBC knockoff station that no one can find. I want to feel patriotic and a part of something big. NBC give me that chance!


After her recent comments on the Olympic Village, I have a new favorite Olympic athlete of all time. In he honor, I will place a sign on my condo door that reads, “Olympic Village” and HOPE…the door is always open!

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