DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The longest running American musical, “Chicago”, opened last night at the AT&T Performing Arts Center.  It is the season’s first show presented by the Lexus Broadway Series.  I went backstage with Dana Cobb for an all access pass.

“We are backstage at the Winspear Opera House. We opened “Chicago” last night. It runs through the 26th and this is kind of a rare opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes.” Dana explained.

“Now, can we actually go on stage?” I asked.

Smiling, Dana said, “”I think we can, let’s go right over here.”

When you walk on stage, the set is the orchestra pit, and with this musical, it never changes. Dana explained, “this particular show is wonderful in that it’s very organic, there’s not a lot of costume changes. It’s a very simple set, but it really focuses on the organic music theatre that is ‘Chicago’. The musicians are on stage the entire time so the audience is able to kind of see the evolution of the music and see the musicians who are just as important as the singers and dancers.”

Walking onto the set where the musicians sit, Dana shared “Chicago” has some local ties.

“The show has four musicians that they travel with so there is that continuity, but there are also local musicians.  11 musicians are employed by this. I think it helps us embrace the show. It’s not just a show, that coming and sitting down in the Winspear is employing people locally.”

Then it was time for me to see what it is like walking out on stage.  Dana showed me where Roxy entered.  “This is the great reveal of Miss Roxy,” and, to my surprise, she asked, “I don’t know do you want to try it?”

“I’m going out on stage?”

“Yep you’re teed up are you ready for your debut,” Dana said giving me some acting lingo.

So, I know what it feels like to walk out on stage like Roxy, now it was time to see her wardrobe.  Wardrobe supervisor, Alice Testa showed me Roxy’s dressing room and explained that most of the time Roxy changes here.  Expect for one wardrobe change.

“She has one quick change backstage. Have you seen that the quick change booth?” Alice asked.  It became our final stop.

“This is exciting, I like it,” I said.

Even though the final curtain shut on my backstage tour, the show has just opened.  “Chicago” runs through August 26th and tickets are still available through the AT&T Performing Arts Center’s website.

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