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Much-Needed Rainfall for North Texas

By Jeff Jamison, CBS11 News

It was a noisy night & early morning for a good chunk of North Texas…with heavy thunderstorms that produced lots of lightning and thunder.  Check out how much rain fell in the northern half of North Texas.

815 Much Needed Rainfall for North Texas



The areas north of I-20 and west of I-35W have picked up 3-6″ of rain in many locations.  This did lead to some flash flooding before the sun came up.  The National Weather Service has the rainfall totals up to 7am this morning:


PRPT2    PROSPER                              1.03
TKI      MCKINNEY ASOS                        0.84
MCKT2    MCKINNEY                             0.81
FRST2    FRISCO                               0.81
LVNT2    LAKE LAVON                           0.73
GUNT2    GUNTER                               0.71

MUTT2    MUENSTER                             1.58
VVWT2    VALLEY VIEW 4S                       1.41
MNTT2    MUENSTER                             1.07
GAVT2    GAINESVILLE 5E                       0.51

DDNT2    DALLAS ALERT 735                     3.07
DAL      DALLAS LOVE ASOS                     2.92
ADS      ADDISON AWOS                         1.95
DWRT2    WHITE ROCK CREEK AT                  1.42
DALT2    DALLAS                               1.42
ADST2    ADDISON AIRPORT LARCV                0.94
CDHT2    CEDAR HILL RAWS                      0.88
RBD      DALLAS EXECUTIVE ASO                 0.80
JPLT2    LAKE JOE POOL                        0.75
HQZ      MESQUITE AWOS                        0.66
GPM      GRAND PRAIRIE AWOS                   0.61
CHIT2    CEDAR HILL 4NE                       0.50

COOT2    COOPER                               0.51

DCJT2    JUSTIN                               4.88
JSTT2    JUSTIN                               4.12
ROAT2    ROANOKE                              3.40
LEWT2    LAKE LEWISVILLE                      2.13
RRLT2    LAKE RAY ROBERTS                     1.44
DTO      DENTON ASOS                          1.18
SGET2    SANGER                               0.56

MLOT2    MIDLOTHIAN #2                        0.65

CDDT2    CADDO GRASSLANDS RAW                 1.50
BNMT2    BONHAM 3NNE                          1.40
MKST2    MONKSTOWN                            1.31
HNGT2    HONEY GROVE                          1.28
LADT2    LADONIA                              0.94

DSNT2    LAKE TEXOMA                          1.23                    
DWHT2    DESERT WATER COOP#2                  0.56

CSNT2    CRESSON                              0.64

GELT2    GREENVILLE RAWS                      0.79

TBWT2    LAKE BRIDGEPORT REPE                 2.59
TBMT2    BEAR MTN REPTR (POST                 2.21
JSBT2    JACKSBORO                            1.96
JAKT2    JACKSBORO                            1.94
TANT2    ANTELOPE                             1.44
TJOT2    JOPLIN                               1.41

CNLT2    CRANDALL                             0.94
FRHT2    LAKE RAY HUBBARD                     0.83
TERT2    TERRELL                              0.57

MYST2    PAT MAYSE DAM                        2.13
ROXT2    ROXTON                               1.58
CPPT2    COOPER                               1.52
PRX      PARIS AWOS                           1.10
PART2    PARIS                                0.53

MGUT2    MONTAGUE                             2.77
BCAT2    LAKE AMON CARTER                     1.50
FBTT2    FORESTBURG 5S                        1.05
BTAT2    BONITA 4NW                           0.78

MWLT2    MINERAL WELLS 1S                     1.36
PLOT2    PALO PINTO BRAZOS RIVER              0.92

JFBT2    SPRINGTOWN 4NE                       2.53
TAGT2    AGNES                                1.65
TWRT2    SPRINGTOWN (WALNUT C                 1.33
SGTT2    SPRINGTOWN 4S                        0.93
BNCT2    CRESSON                              0.79
WEAT2    WEATHERFORD                          0.75
WTFT2    WEATHERFORD                          0.65
WTHT2    WEATHERFORD                          0.51

EMRT2    EMORY                                0.65

HSTT2    HASLET                               2.98
AFW      FTW ALLIANCE ASOS                    2.33
GPNT2    GRAPEVINE DAM WX STA                 2.24
GPVT2    LAKE GRAPEVINE                       2.21
ZZAT2    KELLER                               2.10
DFW      DFW AIRPORT ASOS                     1.97
ZZFT2    KELLER                               1.92
ARLT2    ARLINGTON                            1.78
MNFT2    MANSFIELD                            1.45
BNBT2    LAKE BENBROOK                        1.44
BMCT2    MARYS CREEK                          1.16
FWDT2    NWS FORT WORTH                       1.15
CFBT2    BENBROOK                             0.94
EAMT2    EAGLE MOUNTAIN LAKE                  0.93
FTW      FTW MEACHAM ASOS                     0.77
BCHT2    FORT WORTH                           0.77
WFTT2    FORT WORTH                           0.76
TWVT2    TRWD SUMP 3                          0.76
ERMT2    EVERMAN                              0.74
TWHT2    TRWD SUMP 8                          0.73
TWFT2    TRWD SUMP 13                         0.70
NFW      NAS FORT WORTH ASOS                  0.69
FWOT2    FORT WORTH                           0.67
FWNT2    FORT WORTH NATURE CE                 0.67
TCTT2    TRWD SUMP 17                         0.66
WRPT2    FORT WORTH FEDERAL B                 0.65
TROT2    TRWD SUMP 12                         0.64
FWHT2    FORT WORTH                           0.61
FLWT2    LAKE WORTH                           0.61
TCET2    CEMENT LAKE                          0.59

BPRT2    LAKE BRIDGEPORT                      2.94
BRPT2    BRIDGEPORT                           2.82
TSAT2    PARADISE (SALT CREEK                 2.79
TCDT2    COTTONDALE                           2.72
BOYT2    BOYD                                 2.64
TBNT2    BOONSVILLE                           2.60
XBP      BRIDGEPORT AWOS                      2.39
LBJT2    LBJ GRASSLANDS RAWS                  1.71
TCFT2    CRAFTON                              1.65
AVOT2    ALVORD 4NE                           1.40
LUD      DECATUR AWOS                         1.16
TBCT2    ALVORD (BRUSHY CREEK                 1.07
TGCT2    GARRETT CREEK RANCH                  0.68

GHMT2    GRAHAM                               1.80
LMGT2    LAKE GRAHAM                          1.76
RPH      GRAHAM AWOS                          1.25
SOUT2    SOUTH BEND                           0.56
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