plano trees 3 North Texas Trees Leveled For New Home Development

(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – They were like old friends cut down in the prime of life. Dozens of trees, some more than 30 years old, were torn down in Plano on Friday, to make way for a luxury home development.

Residents knew the day was coming, but many still weren’t prepared.

“It’s looks like the debris after a tornado came through,” homeowner Deborah Gray said.

But the damage wasn’t from a storm. It was a backhoe that tore down all the trees along a south stretch of Baffin Bay Road.

“We thought they were going to leave the trees,” resident Veronica Chavez said.

Chavez captured video on her camera as one tree after another fell to the ground.

The trees had grown tall on farmland once owned by the Haggards, Collin County pioneers who bought the land in 1884.

Dean Delaune and his family, from Atlanta, just moved across the street from the trees two weeks ago.

“We didn’t know they were going to tear the trees down,” he said. “What bothers me is you have to destroy something to build something.”

Another lane and a green-way with new trees will replace those removed, all part of a luxury home development.

“It’s kind of sad to see them take them [trees] all down,” Chavez said.

Some neighbors don’t care about the old trees. They say most of them were Hackberry trees, with shallow roots, and many never recovered from last year’s drought.

Deborah Gray, has lived on Baffin Bay Road for 10 years.

“Anything’s an improvement. So, I think people will probably be happy after they plant something new,” she said.

Jean and Kent Harrington, who lived across from the trees for 31 years, felt differently.

There had been talk of trying to save the trees by putting them in a median but Jean said, “I don’t think they would’ve been able to withstand any more trauma to the roots.”

So, this was good bye.

Veronica Chavez said, “They’ll be missed.”

There were talks between the neighbors, Mr. Haggard and Toll Brothers Home Builders. Though not everyone thought that tearing the trees down was a good idea, most agreed to the new landscaping.

The new $400,000 luxury homes that will soon occupy the space are scheduled to be finished in the Spring of 2013.

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