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*how does the cowboys speed back, the change of pace back have lovehandles? how does felix jones enter the season with a gut and expect to keep a job? gavin called felix the suprise cut, i’m saying goodbye to “uncle felix” because he will not help the cowboys anymore. he’s no longer the guy with the burst. they won’t need him, demarco murray will get 20-25 carries. in case of injury, phillip tanner or rookie jamise olowale can hold it down.

*i hope cb cj wilson (not the pitcher! lol) makes the cowboys roster. he’s a solid backup and he’s one of the top personalities on the team.

*all personality team, cowboys addition? victor butler, cj wilson, & lawrence vickers. hands down! i hope they all do well, so they can continue to be fan/media favorites. if any of them falter, fans will turn on em, saying they don’t take their jobs seriously enough. don’t believe me? ask tony romo.

*mo claybourne will get tested the first six games, after that, quarterbacks will “pick their poison” when it comes to the cowboys secondary.

*former cowboys great everson walls told us on the gbag nation he’s still high on mike jenkins. walls says jenkins hurt himself tackling, trying to overcome the image he had, not tackiling a greenbay rb, two years ago. he says he thinks jenkins is much better than scandrick, period.

*mark cuban says no chance for jason kidd to get his jersey retired and hung from the aac. he’s still “pissed” at him for signing with the knicks. i totally understand. kidd was supposed to be a company man. he was on the committee to get d-will signed. then jkidd foolishly stopped believing in the “plan” before they could start signing guys. yep, i’d be mad too. still, jkidd may have done cuban & the mavs a huge favor by not tying up 9m over 3yrs.

jkidd is a great player, but his legs are 39yrs old & he’s allergic to layups. the mavs are better off this time. maybe down the road there’s a change of heart, but no. not right now. as for jet terry, cuban knows jet always wanted to stay, but the mavs couldn’t pay him, so he’ll get a spot hanging from the rafters. cuban says dirk is a no brainer, and he goes back & forth thinking about derek harper all the time.

*i’ll miss jerry jones and slater’s “arkansas charm” flirt/talk now that jerry’ll be on new school 10:10am tuesdays & fridays this season. elf & slater were able to mine “radio gold” from ‘jerome’ during training camp, lol.

*college football ready to start up & i can tell u right now, OU & USC will be top 5 all season. my number 1? Bama, til proven otherwise. (& i hate alabama football!!!). just keepin’ it 100.

*my favorite movie of the summer? no, not dark knight rises (i liked it a lot tho). ted! ted cracked me up. that’s the one i would recommend to anyone wanting to relax & laugh. remember “movie watching is a sport”!

till next time… blog on!

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