Denton County Health Recommends Aerial Spraying

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West Nile Virus

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DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Denton County health officials recommended Wednesday that the county declare a West Nile virus Health Emergency and begin aerial spraying to control the spread of the virus.

If Denton County Judge Mary Horn follows the Denton County Health Department’s recommendation, the county can then request state and Federal resources in implementing aerial spraying.

Like the aerial spray effort in Dallas County, Denton County officials say that cities will decide if they wish to be included.  The county also says its ground spraying and the use of larvacide in ponds and standing water have not contained the virus’ spread.

To date, Denton County has 112 reported cases of West Nile and one death linked to the virus.  Officials say Denton County has the highest West Nile virus incidence rate in Texas.

“We are very concerned at the number, rate, and severity of cases of West Nile Virus among Denton County residents”, said Bing Burton, Denton County Health Department director in a statement released Wednesday.

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According to health officials, the pesticide to be used in the proposed aerial spraying is similar to what is currently used in ground spraying.

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