HUNT COUNTY (CBS 11 NEWS)– The owner of a rare white buffalo maintains his animal was mutilated on his ranch outside Greenville.

Arby Little Soldier called a news conference on Wednesday after the Hunt County Sheriff’s Department ruled that the year old calf named Lightning Medicine Cloud died of natural causes.

The owner of Lakota Ranch wants the animals remains re-examined.

“Its sounds like they just wanted an easy way out to close the case,” says Little Soldier.

After a three month cruelty investigation, authorities say the calf and its mother suffered from a common disease among the breed called Blackleg and that neither showed signs of being skinned as the owner reported.

Because of the buffalo’s color, it was considered sacred among Native Americans who pledged money for a reward hoping it would lead to an arrest.

The owner says he never profited from the animal.

“That money was pledged, but it was never collected,” says Little Soldier.

The Hunt County Sheriff’s Department has declined to answer questions about the investigation and did not respond to our request for comment.

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