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IRVING (CBSDFW.COM) –  The real story about “The Dez Commandments’’ isn’t about the specifics of the behavioral boundaries created for oft-misguided young receiver Dez Bryant. No, the devil is in the details – the details of the “who’s’’ and the “why’s.’’

105.3 The Fan has learned that contrary to the impression left in numerous reports detailing the supposed “strict restrictions put on Dez by the Dallas Cowboys,’’ the team in fact is not in any way the driving force behind mandates that Bryant stays away from alcohol and strip clubs while being overseen by a security team led by Bryant confidant David Wells, a Dallas-based bail bondsman and bodyguard.

That’s not to say all of the “bullet points’’ released to the media are without merit; Bryant, 23, who faces charges stemming from a July 14 incident in which he conflicted with his mother, has lots of growing up to do. “The balance with all (our players),’’ coach Jason Garrett said Monday, “is you want to support them and you want to help them but you also want to hold them accountable.’’

But the nature of some of the “bullet points’’ are actually “baloney points’’ when you realize that Bryant doesn’t have issues with alcohol or with strip clubs – meaning those guidelines are red herrings, “tests’’ that Bryant will pass with ease.

Then why are the Cowboys “testing’’ him? They’re not; the Cowboys already felt they were doing the right thing throughout training camp in Oxnard, Calif., where even Bryant’s visit to a chain restaurant included the quiet presence of a member of the Cowboys security team.

The test is being assigned by Bryant’s own people.

Dez’ own inner circle created these rules for Dez and presented them to team management. Bryant isn’t agreeing to THEIR rules; the Cowboys are agreeing to HIS.

The purpose in this? Long-term, this program — which we’re told is being financed by the Bryant camp and not Jerry Jones’ team, a fact that keeps it from being a salary-cap violation and offers more proof that it’s not “Cowboys-mandated’’ – has a chance to keeps the budding star on the behavioral straight-and-narrow. As with Dez’ choice of ex-Cowboys standout Jay Novacek as a “big-brother mentor,’’ any positive step is worth a shot. If the “bullet points’’ help, Bryant’s camp will have done its man a service.

But short-term comes a goal that seems quite transparent: Soon, Dez Bryant will go before the district attorney in an attempt to avoid being found guilty of a Class A misdemeanor due to the incident with his mother. Soon, Dez might also go before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to also make clear his willingness to comply to behavioral guidelines.

“The Dez Commandments’’ aren’t from the Cowboys.

“The Dez Commandments’’ are from Dez’s people. And they are written for Dez, written for the DA and written for the commissioner.

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