Denton Sprays – After Football

DENTON COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – [Update: 9/1, 11:16 AM] –  Aerial spraying scheduled for Friday evening in Denton County was interrupted by gusty winds. Approximately 80 percent of the planned coverage area was sprayed before operations were ended. When the four planes began the process at 9:00 PM winds were calm. Officials say a third night is needed to complete the application. Spraying is tentatively scheduled to occur Saturday, September 1. A second round is planned for Sunday, September 2.

DENTON COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – [Update: 8/31, 9:22 PM] –  The lights shine bright at Flower Mound High School football stadium. The stands are packed and cheers can be heard for miles. This Friday night as the Flower Mound Jaguars take on the Keller Central Charges the score isn’t the only thing on fans minds.

They’re also thinking about West Nile and pesticide to kill mosquitoes falling from the sky.

“I wouldn’t have felt comfortable if they sprayed while the game was going on,” says parent Geoff Lawrence who lives in Flower Mound “I think we need to spray but not during football.”

Aerial spraying started Friday night about 9 p.m., but stadiums packed with football fans will be skipped over until everyone is gone and the lights are out.

Clarke, the company handling the spraying, has been in touch with the school districts playing in cities where there will be aerial spraying.

“There is really no concern if we were to apply the product during a football game. Out of respect for residents their confusion and concern about the product we made the decision to delay any kind of application around a football stadium,” says Laura McGowan spokesperson with Clarke “Even if you see the plane over head we may actually applying up to 2 miles away.

For parents out enjoying Friday night football that’s a big relief..

“I would have been concerned if it was during the game,” says Joni Woolums at the game to cheer on her son and the Jaguars “I think they made the right decision.”

McGowan says the planes will circle back around and hit the area’s around the stadiums early Saturday morning.

The aerial spraying will continue Saturday night as well.

Click here for a full list of participating cities.

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