ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Nearly everybody enjoys a ride down memory lane, even if that ride drops you from several hundred feet in the air. Six Flags Over Texas hosted a special group of riders this weekend on its Texas Chute Out attraction, which will close on Monday. North Texans were asked about their memorable moments on the ride, and a select few were invited to the park for a final farewell.

The Flashback will also be closing. The rollercoaster flips riders upside down through 100-foot tall loops and speeds up to 55 mph. It debuted at the park in 1989. The Texas Chute Out parachute attraction lifts riders up 200 feet into the air, pauses for an incredible view of the Metroplex, and then free falls back to the ground.

The two rides have served up decades of special memories for visitors at Six Flags, and this weekend has been their last go-round. Crowds of Texans came out for one last thrill.

Amanda Hamilton said that the Texas Chute Out ride may have even inspired her brother to join the Armed Forces. “Me, my sister and my grandpa, we would ride it,” she said, “and would eventually get my younger brother to ride it. My brother is now in the Army on a Blackhawk.”

“I actually worked this ride when I was 16,” said a sentimental Lori White. The Texas Chute Out has been at the amusement park since 1976. “It was a great summer experience. It taught me a lot about having my first job.”

“I remember it getting stuck at the top,” White added, “and we have to climb up and console guests.”

White took one last trip up to the top with her daughter. “It’s memorable because I’m here with my daughter, who’s 14 now, and I never thought we would not always have this ride to ride together,” White said.

And that final ride was bittersweet. “It was pretty surreal,” said White, “but it was also awesome. I forgot how awesome it was, actually. I’m going to miss it.”

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