By Austin York

cowboys Cowboys Season: I Know What Will Happen(Spoiler Alert)

I know what will happen this season! So if you want to see how the season goes for our beloved Cowboys…read further:

First of all, we have seen this before. Last season! Last year, most were continuously optimistic about the team. The feeling was this team had talent and could not only make the playoffs, but win a playoff game or two.

And then they finished 8-8.

The defense was bad. Romo, while having a GREAT season, was not good in the late moments of games once again. The team had no leader when things went bad and they missed the playoffs.

This year will be no different.

(Here are the spoilers)

Romo, once again, will have a good year statistically: He will prove why he is one of the top ten quarterbacks in the league. But once again, there will be moments in which will leave you scratching your head. Most of these will happen late in games in which a big play is needed. Romo HAS the ability. But I am still not convinced he has the moxy a Super Bowl winning quarterback needs.tony romo2 Cowboys Season: I Know What Will Happen

There will be no true leader: When you have to ask, “who is the team leader?” that means there isn’t one. And if a team needed one, it’s the Cowboys, who will no doubt go through more scrutiny than just about any other team in the NFL. While there are a few candidates, there has never been one that the team has rallied behind.

Garrett has never been that guy, and he won’t be. He doesn’t have the presence or the confidence to tell the team what they need to hear, and what’s more, have the team believe it.

So once again, no team leaders, no team success.

Injuries: Don’t dare bank on Miles Austin or Dez Bryant playing 16 games each. That won’t happen. And because of that, there will be fewer playmakers on the team. Both have problems with hamstrings (which don’t go away) and until you prove different Dez, one has work ethic issues. So once again, the third receiver will be up for grabs, and will likely be a first or second option on may game days.

And the receivers are just the beginning. Don’t mention the already thin offensive line, secondary or the defensive line, which will already be without Jay Ratliff.

jayratliff Cowboys Season: I Know What Will HappenAnd finally, the Cowboys will lose close games. Ask yourself…are the Cowboys better than last year? What’s REALLY different? What is it about this year that makes those tough losses last year, more winnable this year. The answer is nothing. The team for the reasons mentioned above will make you rip your hair out because they are competitive in every game, but wind up on the losing end. How can a team be so close and yet be so far so many times! The answer the Dallas Cowboys.

I hate to be pessimistic but this team may win 9 games, but don’t look for more. They certainly won’t make a playoff run. They have some holes and most of it to me, is not so much the talent, but the personnel. The team needs guys that excel in the fourth quarter. And until then…don’t expect anything different from this year’s team.

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