ARLINGTON (CBS 11 NEWS) – Police in Arlington say a man shot in the ankle at a junior high running track on Labor Day is likely to recover from the mysterious attack.

It happened at Workman Junior High School shortly before 10pm Monday.  The school uses the track for soccer and football and many neighbors use it for exercise, but now some of them are worried to do so.

“I heard the gunshots and I heard the ambulance,” Tina Scott told CBS 11 News, adding she could’ve been in the middle of it. She frequently uses the track.

“All the time, all the time. Actually I was going to go over there last night but I wasn’t feeling too good,” she told us, adding, “It is very quiet, I never seen anything happen like that; I was shocked.”

Next door neighbor Don McClaine added his surprise.  “I was shocked; I was really shocked because this is a really quiet, peaceful neighborhood.”

They both find the incident not only troubling, but out of character for their residential area.

“Nothing like this has ever happened around here before,” said McClaine.

Nonetheless, police are adding patrols to the area. And the school itself is beefing up security as well, even though this happened on a holiday and well after the school would normally be closed.

Investigators say there were about five people on the track who saw the shooting.

“Witnesses describe seeing a man wearing dark colored clothing who was on foot in the area and actually fired the shots in the direction of the track. And then ran away to a neighborhood north of the track area,” police spokeswoman Tiara Richard told CBS 11 News.

The victim— a man in his ’40s who police are not identifying—went to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth and is expected to recover. The big question now, why was he shot?

“At this point we’re looking at all possibilities. It’s too soon to say whether this is a case where the suspect and the victim knew one another,” said Richards, adding, “This is one of those cases where detective have to start pulling the pieces together and form a better picture of what occurred.”

Besides stepping up security, school officials are also sending home letters with the students, to help calm any concerns parents may have over their safety.

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