84399533 Texas Techs Gillispie Accused Of Mistreatment

LUBBOCK (CBS SPORTS) – As Texas Tech coach Billy Gillispie remains in a hospital room with his coaching career in jeopardy, allegations continue to surface about his mistreatment of players, coaches and others in the Red Raiders program.

Sources close to the Texas Tech program told CBS Sports that Gillispie reneged on several promises to coaches, kept players in scholarship limbo, causing them to miss opportunities and money, and also practiced injured players so severely that they openly wept in practice.

Calls to both Gillispie and Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt have not been returned. According to a hospital spokesperson at the University Medical Center, Gillispie remained a patient as of Tuesday night. Gillispie’s Tulsa-based attorney Stuart Campbell told CBS Sports that he would attempt to contact his client when reached Tuesday afternoon, but he had no immediate comment on the allegations.

Fifteen players have already left the program prematurely since he took over in March of 2011, with the most recent being highly regarded recruit Wannah Bail, a native of the Bahamas who didn’t return after the first summer school session. Bail’s summer coach, Terrul Henderson, told CBS Sports that Bail’s departure had nothing to do with academics — as had been speculated.

“It was because of Gillispie,” a source close to the program said. “He couldn’t deal with him.”

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