FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – The cost cutting can begin now for American Airlines. A judge signed off today on deals with flight attendants, and the group representing maintenance workers, bag handlers and other work groups.

After months of back and forth court battles, a judge finalized a new work agreement between flight attendants and transport workers.

In a letter from American CEO Tom Horton, he wrote, “Now these new agreements–combined with the changes across the rest of our team–will make a huge difference in making us more competitive.”

That huge difference means huge changes though for workers.

The Alliance maintenance base is closing, with work being moved to Tulsa and Houston.

Documents show some of that work, specifically on the 767 and 777 jets, will eventually be outsourced internationally.

A transport workers study released this year shows American would then join every other major airline, in sending at least some of its major maintenance out of the country.

Before the court deal was finished, American had already announced a new partner.

Some American Eagle flights will now be operated by SkyWest, a Utah airline.

It falls in line with Americans’ plans to fly to more routes, without using more employees.

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