By Jeff Cavanaugh, 105.3 The Fan

Monday Night Football tonight means no G-bag Nation until tomorrow, which makes now a good time for freestyle typing.

Throwing a curveball today, going to actually start this thing off with sports.  Colby Lewis is signed for next year for the Rangers, which is great as long as he doesn’t legally change his name to Scott Feldman and start being bad at baseball.

Sunshine and rainbows take of the day from yesterday is this:  The Cowboys were terrible, they were awful, they got beat up on both sides of the ball, and they got outplayed in all 4 phases of the game (Yes, 4 phases, I count coaching).  Wait, that was the opposite of sunshine and rainbows, the happy thought is this:  The Rangers won and the A’s lost!

That’s the beauty of the Rangers of the last few years, we finally have something to cheer for even if the Cowboys do what they do so well i.e. beat good teams and get our hopes up, then fold up like a chicken soft taco when they play a team they should beat.


In the world of Netflix,which is the world I live in when I’m not working, I’m now rewatching “24” and I’m in the middle of season 2.  Does everyone realize that if people followed Jack Bauer’s orders every time he said to do something, whatever the problem is would be solved in the first episode and we’d all save a lot of time and trouble?  The people who don’t do exactly as they’re told put our fake country in danger constantly and make Jack Bauer’s life way too difficult.  Especially his daughter.  Kim Bauer deserves everything that happens to her on this show.  How many times can one person get kidnapped!?  Lucky for her Jack is a top notch super agent, and the country will be safe at the end of the day.


Time for the super generic game show called “Cowboys Blame Game”.  We’ll do this Family Feud style to figure out who spit the bit the worst and got the Boys embarrassed yesterday.  Out of the 100 percent surveyed in my mind, the 5 most popular answers will be on the board, Survey Says:

Rob Ryan – 52 percent.  I was AMAZED to be watching the Cowboys play a Seahawk team with a rookie QB in the pocket and not see the kid get pressured at all.  You had 10 days to prepare for this game, and the scheme you came up with was “Let’s send 3 guys all the time, let him have time in the pocket, knowing he’s mobile and can buy even more time with his legs, and let him pick us apart 5 yards at a time”?

Rob doesn’t have excuses this year, he got his shiny new toys, Mo Claiborne and Brandon Carr can play man coverage, that frees up the ability to bring pressure from all over the place and confuse a quarterback, that’s what Rob Ryan does!  Why the ho-hum game plan going into Seattle, I have no idea.

Felix Jones – 29 percent.  The very first play of the game, Felix fumbles the kickoff return.  The next return chance in the second quarter you can hear the defeat in Brad Sham’s voice when he says “Oh my Felix is gonna bring it out….” And he promptly gets placed on his bottom at the 15.  The very last play of the game, Felix is in full blown jog/trot mode with no interest in making a play.

I don’t understand Felix still having a roster spot.  If we have to keep watching the kid, just put him in on 3rd down and let him pass protect Romo, that’s the one thing he can still do.  No more touching the ball.  Let me still Claiborne return kicks please.  Felix has no burst, no speed, he’s not the guy he was when he came in the league.

Jason Garrett – 12 percent.  RoboRed got his praise when the Cowboys beat the Giants, as he should have.  It looked like there was a culture change in the organization, it looked like they’d pieced something together that could make some real noise, but to have 10 days to get ready to play an inferior team and get dominated on both sides of the ball, some of that’s gotta go on the head coach.

Everyone else – 7 percent.  Dez Bryant and Jason Witten with drops.  The offensive line can’t protect Tony Romo at all.  All in all, an awful day out of everyone representing the star.

That’s all I got.  Back to reheated pizza and Jack Bauer trying to find this nuke and save L.A.  I bet he gets the job done.  Oh, and we still have spaces available in the Rangers Panic Room (RPR) and newly constructed Cowboys Panic Room (CPR).  They are adjoining spaces so you can be in both simultaneously.  And we have beer.  Cheers.

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