By Andrea Lucia

LEWISVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – Walking home with two friends, 14-year-old Zach Palmateer of Shady Shores said that he first heard what sounded like coyotes in the woods surrounding Lake Lewisville. “Barking noises,” he described. Then, he and his friends heard the screaming.

“We started hearing ‘help!'” said 13-year-old Jack Copeland.

“They started screaming it over and over and over again,” said 14-year-old Caleb Smith. “I thought there was a serial killer or something, because it sounded really serious.”

That is when Jack handed over his phone and Zach dialed 911. Corinth police arrived and, although the cries had grown silent, they followed the boys’ directions into the woods and onto the lake shore. “Came out here, flashed a light on them, and they started screaming,” said Zach.

Out on the lake were six people and a dog, all stranded. According to the boys’ families, the victims reported that a large wave had flipped their fishing boat four hours earlier. For hours, they said, they sat on the top of their overturned boat, calling for help. “They pretty much just thanked us for saving them, because they said the air pocket under the boat was getting smaller,” said Caleb.

“The bottom part was losing air, so it was sinking,” said Zach.

Officers rescued the group, bringing them to shore. “Then, we saw five guys and one girl come back. Six people, amazed. They were all happy and stuff,” said Zach.

The boys said that it is a story they will be sure to share. “When we go to school and people ask what I did over the weekend, I can just tell them, ‘I saved six people and one dog,'” said Zach.

“Not much people get to say that,” agreed Jack.

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