By Greggo, 105.3 The Fan | CBSDFW.COM

Editor’s note: Greggo doesn’t want us to edit this.  So we won’t.

last nights cowboy game was a lot like a night at the opera…you’re all dressed don’t understand what’s going on..and about halfway through you wonder why you’re there in the first place…gutless and uninspired are two words that describe that abortion of an effort the cowboys displayed to a national audience..this coming on the same night that their randoll mill bunk mates couldn’t put the pesky a’s away…to say this was a loss is insulting that proper noun..the entire roster played a key roll..romo with his five picks (two for td’s)..dez bryant with his drops and stupidity..the offensive line that just plain sucks..and a very questionable game plan on both sides of the looks like the arlington gridiron gang are getting a two month head start for their normal december’s no coincidence that jerry and his kids cut the ribbon on a new pink panty store in the stadium before the game…cuz his team definitely raised their skirts and showed the whole country their was a night to the nfl..there are no mulligans…the record says 2-2 so that’s where you reside.. And oh lucky win against the bucs where a missed zebra call cost tampa a defensive touchdown in a six point loss..the cowboys are on an epic voyage down turnover lane that would make both betty crocker and sara lee they settle into a bye week..(as if they need more time off)..then it’s four of next five on the road..with stops in baltimore, atlanta and philly to get their asses kicked..the fourth being at carolina..which right now is a push at best..this sucker could be over before robert griffin III comes to town on turkey day and carves them up..things are not good in cowboyville..the excuse game has already we will find out if the mental midget mindset of this team can get their rears in gear..can they show fight??..can they right the ship??..or is the fat lady warming up in the wings at an opera that no one wants to be at……

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