DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – Following a stunning loss to the Bears this past Monday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tells 105.3 The Fan’s Elf & Slater Show the off week is coming at a good time for the team.

“Normally you don’t want a bye week when you can ‘stew in it’ after a disappointing game, but in this particular case getting some knicks and bruises cleaned up as well as healed up, as well as re-evaulating some things, we’re looking at some things we can do better.” said Jones.

Jerry told Elf & Slater during his weekly show that he thought the team would play better in the last three games. “We didn’t play as well against Seattle, a good team – a hard team to beat out there – and certainly didn’t have the game we wanted to have against Tampa although we won it, and then laid an egg here against the Bears.”

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“I thought one of the wost games we played (this year) was against Tampa” said Jerry when asked about what he thinks of the team’s overall performance as of late.

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