NEW YORK (CBS SPORTS) – A little bit of good news/bad news from the NHL. The good news? The NHL and NHLPA are going to resume negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement on Wednesday and Thursday in New York. The bad news? They still aren’t going to be discussing how to split the hockey-related revenue. That would also be known as the biggest hurdle they need to jump.

In an email from Bill Daly sent to USA Today, the NHL deputy commissioner says HRR won’t be the topic at hand. Naturally, that leaves the ancillary items to be discussed. Again.

You’ll recall that when the two sides finally met after about a three-week hiatus, they decided then not to discuss the HRR split either. They covered other items such as drug testing and contract restrictions, all while ignoring the elephant in the room. The reason seems to be that they can’t agree on anything when it comes to the HRR.

For one or two meetings to get back in the swing of things, I was OK with it. But the fact that they are still going down this route just seems uninspiring. There is only so much that can be done when you aren’t talking about the big fish in the sea.

The logic follows something along the lines of, if you can get some agreements on the smaller items then you can hopefully roll those accords into agreements on the biggest item as if they will suddenly think the other side’s stance is good.

What that fails to consider, though, is how important the ancillary items can be in the overall discussion of the HRR split.

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