ANNA (CBSDFW.COM) – An afternoon lunch at a Collin County pizzeria turned deadly, after a woman crashed her car into the restaurant and hit three diners inside. One of them later died from her injuries.

Rhett Williams was finishing a meal at Mamma Mia’s pizzeria, located at 4th and Interurban streets, at about 2 p.m., when the car came careening toward him, his mother and grandmother. Williams said it happened so fast, there was no time to react.

“Soon as I heard the crunch, I turned to look, and it was like a movie,” says Williams. “We were all being thrown and tossed.”

Williams’ grandmother, 82-year-old Kathyrn Virginia Hamlin, lost consciousness and later died from her injuries. His mother suffered a separated shoulder. Williams escaped with only cuts and bruises.

Anna police say the 80-year-old driver was leaving a hair salon across the street and mistakenly slammed on the gas while pulling out of a parking spot. Her car flew backwards, hitting a pole and a parked van, before slamming into the restaurant and running over the Williams family.

Police say they think someone honking startled her. Because it was an accident, the driver will likely not face any criminal charges.

Williams says the impact of the accident and losing his grandmother has not sunk in yet. But he says, “I have no anger, ’cause I mean, it was an accident.”

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