By Jeff Ray


Heavy rain in downtown Fort Worth now along with intense lighting show. Headed toward downtown Dallas. Next cut-in coming up in about 4 minutes. “Significant Weather Advisory” out for northern Dallas and Tarrant county. 40mph wind gust likely, ponding on roads on late Saturday night (never good).


Another Special Weather Statement issued, this one for Tarrant, Denton and Dallas Counties. 50mph winds, pea-size hail, lots of thunder.



new web picture1 Severe Weather  Update


Lightning in NW corner of Tarrant County over into Parker County intense, 82 strikes just last five minutes.


Special Weather Statement (not a T’Storm Warning) on the line of storms move through Parker and Tarrant and Hood counties. Storms moving east at 25mph. Penny-sized hail and 50mph wind gusts possible.


You can follow the radar here:


Update from Larry on the a special Webcast


Larry and I going to quick cut-in to update everyone on the storms.


Lines of storms from Peaster in Parker County over to Tarrant/Parker County line looking severe. Moving east at 35mph.


New T’Storm Warning for Lamar and Fannin Counties until 12:45am.


Strongest storms continue to be right at Parker Co/Wise Co. line. We are going to have a webcast update in just a few moments. Warning continues for this storm until 12:15am.


Put a T’Storm Warning out for that cell, northern Parker and southern Wise Counties until 12:15pm. Quarter size hail and 60mph winds possible.

11:10 PM

Best cell right now is just south of Boonesville in Wise County, small hail likely with it.


New T’Storm Warning for Wise County in effect until 11:15. Storm just north Decatur moving east at 40mph. 60mph winds and quarter size hail possible.


New Severe Thunderstorm Watch, only includes Fannin and Lamar Counties. Goes until 4:00am.

new watch Severe Weather  Update

10:28 PM

Getting gusty winds around Decatur, that’s the outflow boundary from the storms coming in from the northwest getting ready to hit. Not severe.

10:28 PM

From the NWS Chat Room: “Numerous trained spotters reporting street flooding in Sherman and west of Sherman along highway 82. 

There is a Flood Advisory out for Cooke and Grayson Counties until midnight.

10:15 PM

New Thunderstorm Watch will be coming out shortly for the Red River counties.

9:54 PM

New Storm Warning out for Grayson County until 10:45pm. Complete weather update coming up at 10pm.

9:31 PM

Update from our Storm Chaser Jason McLaughlin: the damage is mostly minor in Olney, looks to all straight line winds.

9:30 PM

Red River counties will continue to see strong storms move over the area. An Flood Advisory is in effect until midnight for Montague and Cooke Counties. Looking more and more that the metro area will be safe tonight from severe weather.

9:20 PM

Spotter report: 60-65 mph gust at Hwy 377 and Dixie Rd in Grayson County.

9:18 PM

Yet another T-Storm Warning for Grayson County. In effect until 10:15pm. Storm 4miles west of Pottsboro moving east at 25mph.

9:11 PM

from NWS Chat Room: Nickel sized hail and 60-65 mph winds at US 377 south of Dixie Road in Sandusky. (Grayson County). Storm finally accelerating a bit towards Sherman/Denison. Reported to us by amateur radio.


Word from SPC is that are going to let the Tornado Watch expire at 9pm.


Still thinking the line fills in along the front as it moves over the metro. Will be late, around midnight and after.

after midnight Severe Weather  Update

Strong storms continue to roll over the Red River tier as well as Young County.

storms north1 Severe Weather  Update


Thunderstorm Warning for northern Grayson County until 9;15pm. Damaging winds possible. Line of storms currently moving over northern Cooke county.


Another storm moving over Olney. Now severe cell running along I-20 at Palo Pinto county line toward Strawn and Santo. Keeping an eye on it.


The severe weather continue to move across our Red River counties, strong line of storms now moving across Cooke county heading toward Gainesville. Damaging winds possible with this line, especially just north of the county seat along I-35. This will be a powerful cross wind on the interstate. Cooke county is under a Tornado Watch to 9pm.


Reports now from Olney in Young County of storm damage; windows blown out, roof damage and trees down.


By the way the Tornado Watch was extended into Cooke and Grayson counties. In effect until 9pm. The watch does NOT include the metro area. No reports of storm damage in Young county but the cell just left the area.

tornado watch1 Severe Weather  Update


We had a report from our Storm Chaser Jason McLaughlin of a funnel cloud near Antelope in the NW corner of Jackson County. It has dissipated.


We’ve had the police chief report a tornado on the ground east of Olney. No word on any damage. Severe cells continue to move across Young over to Montague Counties.

To our west a squall line is expected to fill in ahead of cold front/dry line. This line of storms will move into metro area after 10pm. The tornado threat will be lower but the risk of damaging winds and hail will be high.

10pm tt wrf Severe Weather  Update

The strongest storms will north of I-20, more likely across Wise, Denton and Collin counties. We’ll have to watch this line overnight for the the possibility of urban flooding.

Tomorrow morning we’ll wake up with some cloud cover overhead. Then we’ll have skies become mostly sunny and the temperatures warm into the low 80’s.