MIDLOTHIAN (CBSDFW.COM) – A 2.7-magnitude earthquake shook the ground near Midlothian on Tuesday night, just south of the DFW area in Ellis County, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The temblor struck at 9:57 p.m. about two miles east of Midlothian. “I was working, putting things away, and it kind of felt like someone was rolling a ball,” said Midlothian resident Filomena Feliciano, “rolling a ball on the roof. I didn’t know what it was, a roll of thunder or what.”

“I heard, like, a boom,” said 14-year-old Blake Bauer. “I thought it was just thunder, but I didn’t feel anything.”

The USGS said that it is not unusual for people to hear loud noises during earthquakes. An agency spokesman said that the sound comes from the transfer of energy from the ground when it comes to the surface, almost as if the air is a speaker.

“That was freaking loud,” said Trish Donahue, who teaches fitness classes at her home. “I never would have thought it was an earthquake. It didn’t shake or rattle.”

“It just felt like thunder,” said Midlothian resident Courtney Bellmorris. “I just assumed that it was raining or something. I just came out and got on Facebook and that’s all that was written about, people in town talking about how there was an earthquake. I kind of just connected the dots.”

This is the fourth earthquake in the past 30 days across North Texas. One occurred on September 30 followed by two more on October 1 — all in the Irving area. There have been 50 earthquakes in a 100-kilometer radius around DFW since October 31, 2008. This latest one in Midlothian is the by far the deepest at 7.5 miles.

“Everybody started talking about it,” said Midlothian resident Erik Haston. “Not a lot of exciting things happen in Midlothian.”

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