DENTON (CBS 11 NEWS) – There’s a safety alert in Denton. Two young women were robbed at gunpoint. It was late at night. Both were alone and lived at apartment complexes just a few miles apart.

Denton Police say the two suspects were hanging around the parking lots at the apartments and targeted women who were sitting in their cars alone.

When Zettel Jones heard about it, she said, “I was freaked out.”

Jones and Morgan Glass, two UNT sophomores, are well aware of the armed robbery that took place in the parking lot at the Uptown Apartments a week ago. They live there.

Glass said, “The police came and knocked on our door.”

Glass said, they asked her what time she had come home on October 9th and whether she saw anything.

The robbery had taken place just outside her building.

Denton police say two men with a semi-automatic handgun targeted a woman sitting alone in her car.

Jones said, “One of my friends actually told us about it. The apartments itself didn’t notify us. “

The two men targeted another woman sitting alone in her car at the Coronado Oaks Apartments October 15th.

Jones and Glass were sitting together at their apartment complex waiting for a bus to take them to the UNT football game. They were being cautious.

Jones said, “I’ve always looked over my should because I know how people are.”

“I carry this thing,” Glass said. She held up a key chain with a tethered ball attached. If someone attacked her, she could grip the ball and swing a mass of keys at the assailant.

Glass just finished a four week self defense course at the Denton Police Department.

Denton Police say they’re stepping up patrols at the two apartment complexes were the robberies occurred but want to send a warning.

Denton Officer Orlando Hinojosa said, “I want them to be aware of their surroundings and travel in pairs.”

Police have a vague description of the two men. Both are black males in their early 20’s. One is thin, the other is heavy set. Both are clean shaven and have short hair. They had a semi-automatic handgun with them.

Police say women who arrive alone at their apartment complex parking lot late at night should call someone on the phone and let them know where they are as they’re walking to their apartment.

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