By Jeff Ray

An amazing end to the weekend, highs at DFW hit 89°, the warmest day we’ve had this October. This morning the low was only 75°, breaking a record for the highest minimum for the date and staying within a few degrees of the typical HIGH for this date:

almanac Storm Chances Tomorrow

For the previous three mornings lows had been in the low 50’s!


It’ll be another usually warm morning as we start the work week with lows in the low 70’s and a steady south wind. For the second morning in a row we’ll have a record warm morning (69° in 2004). Another gusty day is expected tomorrow with partly cloudy skies. By noon we’ll be in the low 80’s.

Clouds increase in the afternoon as storms move in from the southwest. The best chances of storms continues to look NW of the metro area from Graham over the Sherman. Wichita Falls has over a 60% chance of storms. Small hail and 50mph winds possible with these storms.

ntx rain chances19 Storm Chances Tomorrow

This appears our best chance of rain for the work week. We’ll spend Tuesday-Thursday with windy days and above-normal temperatures, easily in the mid-80’s every afternoon.

Thursday will be the last warm day for awhile, another breezy day with morning clouds and afternoon sun:

futurecast gfs Storm Chances Tomorrow

A front arrives early Friday. What ever the temperature is before the front hits DFW on Friday morning that will be the warmest temperatures will have over the next weekend. Temperatures will drop during the afternoon down into the 50’s.

futurecast gfs1 Storm Chances Tomorrow

Rain chances are good with the front and through the day on Saturday. It won’t  nearly as nice next Saturday as it was this last one, it’ll be cloudy, windy and highs in the upper 50’s:

futurecast gfs3 Storm Chances Tomorrow

The other thing to mention is that the Hurricane season in the Atlantic does not officially end until November 30th. Take a look at the GFS long range forecast model, for the second day in a row it puts a hurricane (it would be “Sandy”) off the east Coast a week from tomorrow. Wow.

futurecast gfs4 Storm Chances Tomorrow

This particular run has the storm moving out into the Atlantic. The run before it was shown hitting New England.