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With apologies to Mike Stivic.

The news from Jerry’s Kremlin compound is devastating. Tremendous LB Sean Lee is lost for the season with a toe injury. He is arguably the Former Dallas Cowboy’s best defensive player. Yes, even more valuable than DWare. Losing him is like folding pocket aces cuz you’re afraid of the flush. Ya gotta keep firing, though the thought of why comes to mind.

The more I hear about the Saints bounty puzzle the more I’m convinced there are multiple levels of deception and detente by both parties.

If you walk around with a Bluetooth in you ear and you’re not a Secret Service Agent, you reek of douche-bagness.

A few words on the tumble from grace Lance Armstrong…he must now accept the the world’s perceived perceptions and the grim reality of infallibility. Remaining on his side is counterpart to choosing between the Whig and Tory platform.

Dez Bryant (do expect zilch) is too much freelance buccaneering on a soaring Orwellian path to mindless heights. He has the scorched intensity of a fanatic and frightened kamikaze pilot.  He will shatter your Super Bowl dreams.

That Texas Tech bunch that invaded Ft.Worth last weekend are a mixture of rustic manners and raw emotion. And more times than not annoying and irritating. But they do have receivers that can snare and hook the football.

Speaking of TCU (as I’m prone to do), the best defensive player in the Big12 is Horned Frog DE Devonte Fields. He checks in as a one man havoc-wreaking, Armageddan bringing beast. He should be a chronic concern for coordinators for the next few years. He’s a true freshman. GO PURPLE!

TRIVIA TIME: the New York/San Francisco Giants are one of two teams to lose three straight World Series. Who is the other. Answer before the cows come home.

Is the Rangers season really over? It doesn’t seem square and forthright. But then again the sport of baseball was conceived and constructed to break your heart.

Speaking of those pesky Giants. They once again look like a team of rising destiny. That’s really not fair for two of the last three years. Let somebody else in the sandbox.

The muted response of Mark Cuban is resonating with booming intensity. His faux-euphoric screaming is deafening. He may be in for a rude arousal this year.

JOKE…having sex during pregnancy is always safe—unless your wife comes home.

Why do major league umpires strut around like their job is akin to dusting the world for radioactive poison?

The Former Dallas Cowboy’s offense? Their sprouting marches toward the end often conjures up thoughts of a jeep entrenched and imbedded in quicksand-like muck.

If a person will cheat at solitaire, he will cheat at anything.

I’ve always thought the whore of Babylon got a bad rap. Even whores deserve a billowing of hope. Not a nerve punishing crucible to bear. I’m just saying.

The NHL are rapidly becoming the standard-bearers of ruthless ambitions and sinister stupidly.

LOCKED AND LOADED LYRICS TO CHEW ON…”There were lines on the mirror, lines on her face. She pretended not to notice, she was caught up in the race. Out every evening, until it was light…..”

I have never witnessed a more strange, odd looking human being than the Mavs Delonte West. He has the protoplasm sneer of a warehouse floor.

BOOKS, BOOKS and BOOKS. I am in the middle of three fantastic reads:

-“Brothers” by David Talbot takes a terrifying look at JFK and sibling RFK. Their dealings weave a fatalistic tale of corruption, secrecy and idealism. Then leading readers to chilling and Strangelovian look at what almost was.

-“Life” by Rolling Stone surviving freak of nature Keith Richards. The fact he is still alive is amazing.

-“The Heart and the Fist” by Navy SEAL Eric Greitens explores the mind of a crusading and charitable warrior. I strongly recommend all three.

Memo to Tony Romo: Leaders rarely achieve greatness without leading their troops to battle and establishing victory.

TRIVIA ANSWER…the Giants lost three straight in 1911, 12 and 13. But the Detroit Tigers first achieved the dubious distinction in 1907′ 08 and 09. Is it not ironic the two meet in the Fall Classic some 100 years later? Not really.

No one applies defense in college football anymore. Last weekend in the Big 12 there were five conference games. Five teams scored north of half-a-hundred. In four of those games there were more touchdowns than punts. Bear, Woody, Bo and JoePa are twisting in their mausoleums.

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