By Shan Shariff, 105.3 The Fan | CBSDFW.COM

It’s not working, and it’s not going to.  This core of Cowboys can’t win the championship and the fan fans have spoken- the star is stale.

The Cowboys are at a crossroads.  Their television ratings are down 18% (biggest drop in the league) and Jerry was booed in his house during a Breast cancer PSA. Average is no longer accepted.

So, what do you do? Continue to have faith in a 30 something group of players (99-100 this century), or start over.  Circle option B.

The NFL trade deadline has been pushed back to Thursday because of Hurricane Sandy.  That gives Jerry Jones even more time to find this blog, PROCESS it and hit the reset button.  The Cowboys fire sale should start NOW.  The Cowboys are looking at 3-5 after traveling to Atlanta this weekend, then face a nightmare schedule down the stretch without your most valuable defensive player (Sean Lee).  The playoffs future doesn’t look bright.

Fortunately, I have a solution.  Assess a draft value to each of your players and if the phone rings, pull the trigger.

Here’s the Cowboys trade chart:

Romo: Top 10 pick in the 1st round, 2 high picks in the 2nd or a combo of the two.  He’s had enough talent and enough chances. More than any other Cowboy, Tony needs a fresh start.

Ware: Two 1st round picks (one selection in top 10)

I know he’s a hall-of-fame legend, but answer this question: WILL THE COWBOYS WIN THE TITLE IN THE NEXT 2 years?? If the answer is no, why have a 32 year-old on the wrong side of his career when you can sell high now?

Witten: 3rd round pick (see above explanation)

Dez: 3rd rounder.  This is more about addition by subtraction than value.  Send a message to your team and fans that BS won’t be tolerated. Take back a 4th if you have to, but let us know there is still accountability and a standard at Valley Ranch.  We all know there’s a better chance of Hurricane Sandy being fixed by a hair dryer.

Felix: Trade him for the bag of Cheetos he downed before his conditioning test.

The only untouchables should be Tyron Smith, Mo Claiborne and Sean Lee.  Everyone else can go.

UNLESS you can find the Phil Jackson of the NFL to bring these underachieving pieces together, the core has to go.  Stale isn’t being stomached anymore.

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