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With apologies to Marcus Welby and Ben Casey.

The Former Dallas Cowboys venture to the Heart of Dixie to take on the undefeated Falcons of Atlanta. And if form holds they will spot the battling birds a few points. Then Tony Romo can get his wish by commanding an offense that is losing. Number nine claims they are better when they trail. Sounds nutty but he might be on to something.

I wasn’t ready for the World Series to end. And I certainly wasn’t too keen on the Giants winning it. It doesn’t seem fair that they get to be a team of destiny two out of the last three years. It must be the beards, cause we know that San Fran is full of social beards.

Admit it. You would love to drop kick Donald Trump and his ghastly hair right in the nuts.

I heard where the Mavs kicked off their season. They traveled west and opened with a………….,I’m sorry. I can’t even pretend to be interested in the NBA right now. Someone wake me in February.

I love the game of DeMarco Murray. He has tremendous running back skills. But he must eradicate being injured all the time. He needs to be swashbuckling on the field, not sucking his thumb on the sidelines.

As we exhume the truth about the Former Cowboys  OL it’s conveyed that they are in fact as advertised. A group of average players at best. With a few being nothing more than mediocre backups who happen to start. It might get worse. They are the cloak and dagger of darkness and impending doom.

Just who exactly is Cooter Brown? And how drunk was he? What about this chap Hoyle? Why do we care about anything according to him? And seriously, did someone actually waste their time beating a dead horse?

Isn’t this just a dandy of a story. It’s seems all the pink displayed by the NFL as to help fight breast cancer came with strings attached. The NFL set course on a misguided sense of mission. They attained a lurid method of counting profits. The viewing public is led to believe that all proceeds from selling pink items would be funneled to the American Cancer Society. What wasn’t stated was the fact that only $3.52 out of every tally of $100 makes its way to the society. The NFL pockets $45.00 of the $100. Yep, the slimy, greedy owners have found a way to profiteer in the name of cancer. They are a corporate colossus of untold rotten morals. And who is leading the charge? You guessed it, Czar Jerry and his wall of arrogance and bluster.


The Former Cowboys have employed three players whose surname begins with the letter ‘I’. Two are easy but the third is challenging. NO CHEATING!

What a difficult situation on the East Coast. Hurricane Sandy packed a prodigious punch. Untold millions are still without power. There is a gasoline crisis. Homes destroyed. Damage will be measured in the hundreds of billions. The death toll keeps rising. Looting. It is a horrible mess. So do what you can. Contributions to the Red Cross are safe and above board.

I read where Penn State pedophile Sandusky is residing in the death row confines of the State Penn. Was moved there for security concerns. He’ll be sequestered in his cell for all but five hours a week. He gets three showers per week. My hope is that there will be a mix up and he’s turned loose in general population. Then justice will truly be served.

LOCKED AND LOADED LYRICS TO CHEW ON: “So, so you think can tell, heaven form hell. Blue skies from pain. Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail? A smile from a veil. Do you think you can tell?

Want a name to file away for the upcoming NFL draft? Pencil in Stanford’s wrecking ball linebacker Chase Thomas. Big, fast, and hits like a blazing revolutionary.

It’s been relayed to me that Josh Ham is all but history. Don’t be surprised if the Rangers cease to even presenting an official offer. His vortex of whirling passions breed dissatisfaction in the executive wing. And his frazzled pathos seems to signal an enervating state of gloom. Ranger brass have had enough.

Happy birthday wishes. James Bond turns 50 and the Sistine Chapel flips to 500. If you’re ever in Vatican you owe it to yourself to visit. The Michelangelo masterpiece painting on the ceiling is stunning.

Limerick of the week:

The cowboys might claim to be America’s team, But that title came from NFL Film’s PR machine.

So it could be just a pile of bunk,

Cuz the last decade they have stunk.

And for the fans, it’s as frustrating as a wet dream.


Wide receivers Michael Irvin and Rocket Ismail were the easy ones. But Jim Bob Isbell also has an ‘I’ last name. He played from 1962-65.

As always, I welcome your feedback and thoughts. I can be reached at or twitter TCUWhiteTrash. I read and answer all.

As I bid you a goodbye I leave you with some advice. Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day.

I’m out…

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