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IRVING (105.3 THE FAN) – The error-prone Cowboys haven’t been good enough to bob over .500 and are 0-7 in their last seven Sunday night games.

This week’s Sunday night foe, Atlanta, has been so crisp through seven games that the Falcons have yet to lose. And yet Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is willing to “guarantee’’ a win for Dallas…as long as you hear the “if’’ tucked into the guarantee.

“What I want us to do in Atlanta is to take what they give us, without a mistake,’’ Jones tells 105.3 The Fan. “And I can predict the score for you: It’ll be positive Cowboys.’’

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Don’t ignore the “if’’: Mistake-free football is not featured on the resume of the Cowboys, as Dallas is ranked near the bottom of the NFL in turnover ratio and is tied for the NFL in interceptions with 13.

A crazy number that works in Dallas’ favor (and in support of the notion of league parity): Twice in the Tony Romo era, the Cowboys have opposed a team that was at least 7-0. Romo’s Cowboys beat the 9-0 Colts in 2006 and beat the 13-0 Saints in 2009.

Doing that again this weekend? That comes with no guarantees … and lots of “if’s.’’

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